Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel has floated the plan of flying hundreds of thousands of refugees by air directly to Europe to spare them a dangerous journey through the Balkans, according to a Guardian report.

The problem with her plan, if it is true, is that Merkel has, yet again, not consulted her party, parliament or people. These have expressed an overwhelming rejection of her open doors policy. State governments and local authorities have written her letters upon letters, explaining they cannot cope with the record influx of migrants.

There are signs of law and order breaking down in Germany with right wing extremists patrolling refugee homes and police fearing railways and motorways could be blockaded. Mobs have set up gallows, taunting Merkel with a public hanging. Given the German phenomenon of the furor teutonicus, this is a realistic fate now facing Merkel. But she seems clueless.

Instead of changing her policies, Merkel is berating Germans for protesting her policies.

Astonishing has been the way, Merkel, the consummate party politician, has liberated herself of all democratic restraints in the past few weeks, ignoring even her own party base, which has been vociferous in its criticism of her chaotic open doors policy. She has started to make a habit of announcing gigantic public policy decisions herself and on the hoof which will affect all of Europe. What next? What will Merkel announce tomorrow? Plans to bring in a hundred million refugees from Africa next year? A compulsory quota of ten million refugees for each European country, every year?

As the leader of a democracy and Europe s most powerful politician, she needs to get the support for momentous policy changes from the people or parliament. A leader of a democratic country has to move in the same direction as the will of the people, not the opposite direction. Or they must resign.

Polls show that every second German, in the meantime, thinks Merkel and politicians have lost all sense of reality.

People who have exercised unchallenged power for years like Merkel, and who have lived for years in the comfortable bubble of a party apparachik like Merkel, tend to lose all contact with the real world. That happened to DDR dictator Erich Mielke. It is now happening to Angela Merkel. She is morphing into a deluded dictator.

In spite of growing signs Germany is teetering on the edge of collapse, Merkel has announced apparently, acting on her own again, announced a plan to airlift hundreds of thousands refugees to Germany. That even though she has a made no preparations to ensure that this huge extra number of refugees she is planning to bring in can be accomodated safely in Germany. That even though local authorities are telling her they cannot accomodate any more refugees safely. That even though the refugees will have to be kept in Germany because most other European states are rightly refusing to pay for her unilateral violation of the Dublin accord by taking in refugees they cannot cope with.

Not contempt with collapsing Germany, Merkel seems determined to collapse every country by compelling them to take in hundreds of thousands of refugees by air.

Did Merkel ever offer to airlift impoverished Poles, Slovaks or Latvians into Germany?

If Merkel gets away with her plan, the result will be more social tension, more violence, increasing the risk of war and collapse of Europe.

Mielke s last words before he was forced to resign were “I love you.” Merkel s last words will also probably be “I love you” as Europe goes up in flames around her because of her actions.

Maybe Merkel has not gone mad, but is being blackmailed. That could be another explanation for her behaviour.

At any rate, the time has definitely come for CDU and CSU politicians to force her to resign if the Guardian report is true.

Sensible Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere has finally introduced stronger border controls to filter out economic migrants. Reducing the flow of migrants must now be the top priority of Germany, not increasing it.

With her resignation, Germany and Europe can make a fresh start. Both urgently need new policies to reverse the decline which has taken place in the past ten years.

A new German leader could end the country s participation in the American drone warfare programme, which is helping to create so many refugees in the Middle East in the first place. Oh, Merkel loves the refugees, but not enough to stop the drone warfare programme!

Above all, Europe needs to end the system of the private creation of money and to introduce sovereign money.

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