Met violating freedom of speech right

‘Met violating freedom of speech right’

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The Metropolitan police have come under growing pressure for refusing to police peaceful protests to be held next month in London. Police say the groups organizing the rallies including International women’s’ Day need to pay for their own security.

The decision has sparked harsh criticism from right activists as they maintain this is part of a larger measure by police to curtail peaceful protest across the country.

“It is a stark violation. It’s common and thought to be enforced and pride yourself in having a thousand years democratic tradition of freedom of speech and freedom of assembly and such proposals can only severely constrain the extent to which people can operate their most basic and formulaic human rights to protest and demonstrate,” London-based Human Rights Activist Lee Jasper told Press TV.

He referred to discriminatory approaches of Mets towards different protests in UK saying : ” Mets doesn’t charge Barclays perennially which this week signed a £5.5 million sponsorship deal for policing outside the ground, it doesn’t charge the Queen for the royal horse guards parade, and there are some other prestigious events of which the Mets makes no charge because it’s to support the economy of London.”

He called the approach completely unfair particularly when it comes to poor community which cannot afford to pay for their security. Jaspers says this simply means no right for the poor.

“Charging people exercising their rights … this disproportionately impacts and prevents poor vulnerable communities from exercising their rights to demonstrate and protest over things which they care about… So I think it’s not only unfair in relation to poor communities, it’s also probably unworkable in terms of enforcing.”

Now the main question lingering in mind is what will happen to the very democratic value which the UK is priding itself of nurturing over the past centuries.

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