Missouri House approves expansion of self defense law

Missouri’s self-defense laws may expand

Jonathan Harper Jonathan Harper, Reporter, jharper@kspr.com
POSTED: 06:32 PM CDT Apr 12, 2014

Springfield, MO – The Missouri House has approved a bill that expands a self defense law against home intruders. The castle doctrine law was approved in 2007. It gave missouri residents the right to defend themselves and their property. That law allows the use of deadly force for someone who is breaking into your home. But the expansion includes more than just homeowners.

Jesse Bebout was born and raised in Springfield and now works at the Cherokee Firearms gun shop in the city. Bebout says he thinks the increase in gun owners across the state has lead to the change of the law.

“I think the changes are more of a formality than anything else with the concealed carry laws in Missouri there is more people carrying guns now then every before the recent changes are just more to expand on what was already there. Most people probably assumed that they had the right to defend themselves anyway.”

The change in the law also expands out to your vehicle in addition to your home. Bebout says he rents a house with his girlfriend and it only makes sense that his friends and family would be covered on his property to defend themselves as well.

“Me in particular, if I’m at somebody’s house it’s obviously probably a friend of mine so we have similar interests and I’m just gonna assume they have a gun in their home like i do.”

The measure now heads to the senate for approval.

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