Moldova PM steps down amid questioning of education credentials

Moldova PM steps down amid questioning of education credentials

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The Moldovan prime minister has announced his resignation following a move by state prosecutors to question the authenticity of his education credentials.

Chiril Gaburici said Friday that he would quit his post as the investigation into his high school and university degrees has “become an instrument of political games.”

“I have decided to announce my resignation. I can’t stay in this position any longer,” Gaburici said in a statement on the government’s website, adding, “I am not a politician, I am a manager. I don’t want to take part in political games.”

Gaburici further said his resignation is aimed at ensuring political stability in Moldova, adding, “I don’t want the question of my education to become a topic of national importance.”

Prosecutors on Thursday questioned Gaburici on charges of faking his educational degrees. The 38-year-old premier had called on the prosecutors to step down over corruption allegations.

It is not clear whether the corruption allegations leveled by Gaburici against the prosecutors and the accusations on which their probe into his educational degrees is based are credible. The trading of the charges, however, is a clear sign that rival camps in the country are involved in a deepening political feud.

Pro-European Gaburici and his Liberal Democratic Party took office four months ago in a coalition with other parties.

Gaburici’s resignation paves the ground for the major parties in Moldova to form a new parliamentary coalition after the upcoming local elections slated for June 14.

A former Soviet state of 3.5 million people, and located between Ukraine and Romania, Moldova is one of Europe’s poorest countries.

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