Moldova’s Right-Wing Opposition Calls for Unification With Romania

Moldova’s Right-Wing Opposition Calls for Unification With Romania © AP Photo/ Vitalie Plotnic

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Sunday’s protests in a small former Soviet state of Moldova in Eastern Europe ended in calls for unification with neighboring EU member Romania.

CHISINAU (Sputnik) — Massive rival demonstrations for and against joining Romania and closer ties with the European Union have been rocking Moldova, tucked in between Romania and Ukraine, for almost three months.

Rival protesters from the right-wing Civic Platform (DA) movement and the left-wing Our Party agreed that the president and the government should step down, and called for a snap parliamentary election.

Thousands of pro-EU Civic Platform protesters rallied on Sunday outside the government building in the capital Chisinau, demanding a referendum to change the presidential election process. A Moldovan president is appointed by the parliament.

As darkness fell, calls for anti-oligarch and mafia action gave way to demands for Moldova to join Romania. Romanians and Moldovans are very close ethnically, and there is an ongoing controversy whether they are one ethnic group.

A mile away from the DA rally, Our Party’s leftist protesters were demonstrating in support of Moldovans’ self-identification, sovereignty and closer ties with Russia.

Police did not interfere with either protest. Authorities stepped up security around government buildings in the capital. Administrative compounds were policed by officers in riot gear, but no clashes were reported.

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