Vatican, relations between Monsignor Scarano and family Nattino

The prelate accused the bankers. They respond with an enviable phlegm. He feared poisoning.

Daniel Gensini

Nuncio Scarano, the former bank official that after taking the vows over the years became responsible for the service of analytical accounts of APSA (administration of the assets of the Apostolic See) sings for months with prosecutors who have accused him of corruption and slander in ‘scope of an investigation on the alleged attempt to repatriate to Italy from Switzerland 20 million in cash.

HOW TO TIMES OF THE BORGIA. Sings so loudly, the ‘ecclesiastical field that, as he told Libero, fears d’ be killed with lethal potions, and because of this, he’s going to eat only foods packaged with a trick worthy periods when the Borgia in the Vatican ruled the roost.

TALES FULL. The high priest, now prisoner for health reasons Hospital St John of God and roar of Aragon Salerno, now conscious of having thrown away with unscrupulous moves at least a career governed by ambition, tells magistrates specific acts, topped by first and last names illustrious, all in business, you will soon understand if fully legal, with the bodies of the Holy See used to handle money.

Scarano took some time to mention the bankers Nattino, and according to a recent article in the daily show would have accused of buying and selling downward gaining titles of their own institution, taking advantage of the screen of APSA, adding that “there are many other numbered accounts in a pretty safe with documents. Those documents must be in the hands of the pope. ”

YOUR ACCOUNT NUMBER OF BANKER. The monsignor would also prompted investigators to indicate the exact number of the account Giampietro Nattino at the Vatican body. Insiders recall externalized the true Stefano Ricucci a few years ago when the already rampant financier of Zagarolo, told the magistrates on duty who asked news of Nattino: “But she wants me to kill me in here tonight. You may not realize who is touching her … Do me the courtesy, forget that, doctor … I say it for me. Then, if she wants to go ahead, do it. She has 600 people that protect it, but to me who protects me? None of ‘stuff is … “.

The relationship with the sacred chambers

Given that the former husband of showgirl Anna Falchi is known for colorful expressions (like the mythological phrase about the “do fags ass of others”), and perhaps also in the concepts brought to hyperbole, the taciturn, and therefore more respected and feared, banking family remains among the cornerstones of Italian power. Thanks to its economic strength and skilful web of relationships, by Francesco Gaetano Caltagirone cardinals of the Curia, the black nobility (Freemasonry, ed), that Rome has always something to politicians from different backgrounds.
The patriarch Giampietro, in a rare interview, the year of the Lord 2008, stated about the relationship with the sacred chambers: “At the invitation of Cardinal Sergio Sebastiani six or seven years is a consultant for the prefecture of Economic Affairs of the Holy See with others, as Maurizio Prato. ”

THE PARTY OF CARDINALS IN DECLINE. Sebastiani today that His Eminence is ultra 80 year old, and the party of cardinals Piedmont apparently in decline, with the notable exception of Joseph Bertello, the Nattino, in the magnificent rooms of the Palazzo Altieri, seemingly unperturbed compared to ‘ echo of rumor from the courts, faithful to the Benedictine motto Ora et labora, they think about the new alliances and business cards to be signed with Savoy phlegm and disenchantment Capitoline, in an ideal crossroads between character Giovanni Giolitti and Giulio Andreotti.

A DYNASTY IN POWER. True that times are insidious and even speech is desperately a monsignor in captivity (to note the ominous expressed by Scarano conversation with a reporter: “I try to be stronger than the fears and nightmares that haunt me, but in spite of the prayers I am sure that I will die poisoned ‘) potential of causing surprises love, but in uptown finance you bet on the premises of a dynasty that starting from the town of Gavi Ligure won the Rome counts from 1898.

Friday, October 11, 2013


  • theunhivedmind

    I highlighted the Nattino family numerous times as a very powerful and dangerous merchant family. I brought them to your attention and to the fact they are located in Piazza del Gesu next to the Mother Church of the Jesuits known as the Chiesa Del Gesu. This is a Jesuit connected family with ties to the Pallavicini of Genoa. Its head Giampietro Nattino is connected with the London Stock Exhange.

    -= The Unhived Mind

  • seekingtruth

    who are the merchant families? And do the Jesuits directly control finance or do they delegate responsibilities to someone else? I’m also confused about who exactly is in control of the other, the white pope or the black pope? From researching on your site I’ve notice the Jesuits are very powerful and influential.

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