Morbid Addiction: CIA & the Drug Trade [Video]

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  • I suggest you study the House of Bourbon & Emperor King Juan Carlos of Spain who controls the entire drug trade especially the opium trade. Study how Sicily is the main base of the Centro Nacional de Inteligencia & British Secret Intelligence Service heroin trafficking.The House of Bourbon controls Sicily! Study the connection of the House of Keswick to the drug trade through their Hongkong Shanghai Banking Corp.Knight of Malta,George H.W Bush runs the secretive Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst. Remember most of this drug money ends up in the hands of the Exchange Stabilization Fund run by the U.S. Treasury controlling everything including black operations.

    Cable News Network is run by the Central Intelligence Agency for The Worshipful Company of Fuellers who work hand-in-hand with The Worshipful Company of Apothecaries who created the prime poppies used against China during the Opium war. CNN is fronted by Knight of Malta, Ted Turner and its the Knights of Malta who control the Crown of the sovereign state of City of London via the Ad Providam Papal Bull of 1312, they use St John’s Wood, England and Via dei Condotti, Rome as their bases.

    -The Unhived Mind

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