More evidence the Catholic Church is involved in false pandemics: the lies of Benedictine nun Teresa Forcades

More evidence the Catholic Church is involved in false pandemics: the lies of Benedictine nun Teresa Forcades

5th April 2014

Evidence strongly suggests that Pope Francis is a NWO puppet set to play the role of the Anti Christ in the NWO “end-time” script of plagues, sword and famine to decimate the global population.

Pope Francis was “enthroned” on 13 March 2013 or 13. 3. 13. In the book of Revelation, 13. 3 refers to the Beast. The pandemic vaccine has the number 666 — the number of the Beast — in European biopharma databases.

And so it is worthwhile asking what role the Catholic church could play a role in spreading the Ebola virus or epidemic hype through NWO puppets such as — so it would seem — Benedictine nun Teresa Forcades. Quite apart from Cardinal Christoph Schonborn’s role in the shocking case of Dr Verena Strausz.

Promoted by cointelpro agent Alex Jones, Spanish nun and medical doctor, Teresa Forcades made a video on the swine flu vaccine scam, which appeared in October 2009 after it became clear the public were not going to take the poison. which was widely circulated in Spain in the autumn

This video would have, among other things, allowed for the collection of IP addresses and identities for later targeting for psychiatrization, car accidents, false flag emergency operations and other unpleasant surprises.

In 2010, her memory started to fail her. Teresa Forcades began to rewrite history. And in such a way as to airbrush me out of the swine flu pandemic vaccine story altogether. In an online chat, she appears to tell an outrageous lie deliberately:

“In the influenza A video, I explain the case of Baxter pharmaceutical company that sent material contaminated with the deadly avian flu virus to 16 European laboratories with the label that it was material for the vaccine. This information is public because I obtained it from the minutes of the parliamentary session of the Austrian Parliament with the Minister of Health of that Country.”

“In these minutes there is talk about the 72 kilos of contaminated material and an inquiry is requested. The investigation was initiated and has been adjourned without further explanation.”

It may be a very poor translation but the impression she gives is that she obtained the minutes of the Austrian Parliamentary questions herself when I did and I publicized them on my birdflu666 blog in spring 2009.

The enormous quantity of vaccine material contaminated with the bird flu virus in Baxter’s biosecurity facilities in Austria was a key piece of evidence.

Also, Forcades gives the false impression that there was an investigation by the Austrian government when there was none. I initiated the only investigation into Baxter by filing criminal charges. The Austrian government covered it up.

By conincidence, Forcades gave the interview on 18th February 2010 – the time when I should have been long dead and buried according to the NWO schedule.

Three weeks before she gave the interview, the Baxter and Austrian government researcher Professor Lukas Kenner went to Dr Verena Strausz and offered her money to have me confined.

So, Forcades started rewriting history in such a way to airbrush the police inquiry into Baxter, my role in it – and all this at the very time when it was planned for me to disappear into forced psychiatry and be forgotten by the public forever; at the time when my name was started to be airburshed from the internet, when my flucase website was hijacked, Facebook accounts close and, Wikipedia entries vanished in a concerted, wide ranging and systematic attempt by the NWO to make me an “unperson” — as George Orwell would have called.

I emailed Forcades about this error after I visited her in her monastery in Spain last year – but she never replied or gave any explanation.

Other evidence Forcades works for the NWO:

*she is promoted by the mainstream media like the Guardian, the BBC and Spanish media.


*she is also promoted by the fake alternative media like Alex Jones.

Alex Jones championed Wolfgang Wodarg, who fronted the fake European Council pandemic hype inquiry, which ignored the evidence the vaccine was damaging.

Jones also lied about the way he had cut me out of his show.

*Forcades doesn’t mentions the damage caused by the vaccine or the narcolepsy. Again just like Alex Jones and Wodarg

*she never mentions the outrageous scandal concerning the many attempts by the Austrian government to forcibly confine me – neither does Alex Jones.

But then Alex Jones is silent on the large number of Americans being psychiatrized such as Brandon Raub, arrested and confined for facebook posts:

*Forcades uses facebook : a facebook friend is none other than Dr Wolfgang Wodarg

* she talks about the need for a new world order


* she tried to set up another the Catalonian independent movement -but only after the original one proved to be out of NWO control

*she is in San Benet de Montserrat close to Montserrat which has the cryptic number 777 in its phone number

So, do I think Catholic churches, hospitals, schools and other buildings could be used to spread the Ebola virus? Especially given the role of the Catholic church in promoting Nazism? What do you think?

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