‘Mosquito Terminator’ Train to Battle Mosquitos in India

‘Mosquito Terminator’ Train to Battle Mosquitos in India

ASIA & PACIFIC 18:47 20.09.2016

India will use a “Mosquito Terminator” train to spray insecticide and prevent mosquito breeding.

New Delhi — India Railway’s Mosquito Terminator train will start its journey on September 23 from New Delhi Railway station. It will cover 150 km in two days and there will be four rounds of insecticide spray, Nothern Railway Public Relations Officer Neeraj Sharma told Sputnik.

The Mosquito Terminator will spray insecticide in and around the national capital Delhi.

The sprayer truck is mounted on a rail wagon and will spray insecticide in alongside the railway tracks to prevent mosquito breeding. There will be four rounds of spraying over the next two months at an interval of two weeks.

The special train is envisaged to mitigate the health hazards of mosquito breeding in the pits alongside construction sites of rail tracks.

The government resorted to this measure due to an increase in the number of cases of dengue, malaria and chikangunia fever in and around the vicinity of Delhi.

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    These actions are not for the better of the mass population they’re in fact covert biological warfare for population reduction. For over a decade I warned such programs would be ramped up over the years and now we’re seeing it with scam virus hype like Zika. A lot of the so-called diseases are used as the excuse for these actions and they’re either hyped or increased through genetically engineered insects etc. In some cases certain chemicals will be vectored over the population which have side-effects that resemble a particular disease. The Ziomedia then kicks into full swing and claims the symptoms are disease A and that we need further covert culling programs to contain the problem (scam).

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