Mossad & the CIA staged 9/11 for the Zionist agenda

CIA, Mossad staged 9/11 to further the Zionist agenda

Sat Dec 15, 2012 1:44PM GMT
By Rodney Shakespeare

At some point in the future – it may be sooner than later – an evil regime is going to be betrayed. And when one is betrayed, others will surely follow.

Which will be the first? Israel?

Surely not! The USA’s foreign policy, its media and its political structures are completely corrupted by, and infected with, Zionism.

Yet, only two months ago, the New York Post quoted the famous realpolitik US diplomat Henry Kissinger as asserting that, “In ten years, there will be no more Israel.” Moreover, the mind-set of the USA State Department could be shifting. A study (Preparing for a Post-Israel Middle East) commissioned by all sixteen American intelligence agencies supports Kissinger’s assertion although it is not so specific on the timing.

Of course the study, all eighty two pages of it, is being condemned by Zionists as a hoax but the problem with that is the study’s argument and facts. If they are valid then they are valid. It’s as simple as that. Thus the study says that Israel cannot withstand powerful forces which include an international rejection of USA Zionist policy; a strong movement in favour of Palestine; the Arab Democratic Spring; and the Islamic Awakening.

So, if those things are valid, why should the USA continue to be associated with a self-pitying, paranoid, rancid, rabid, racist entity called Israel indulging in the progressive genocide of the Palestinians?

Indeed, the USA is having to face up to the reality that it, and Israel, are becoming pariah states. Clear evidence of this comes from the recent UN votes on sanctions against Cuba; on nuclear disarmament in Middle East; and on status for Palestine – all of which reveal incipient pariah status. Indeed, on the Palestine vote the chagrin on the face of USA representative Susan Rice told it all – she realised that a turning point had happened and there is no going back.

There is then the increasing awareness that the USA and Israel (wanting to further the interests of an expanding Zionist state by having a general war against Islam) were complicit in the murder of three thousand Americans on 9/11. About eighty seriously unresolved issues about 911 exist but the incontrovertible evidence of murder is that a skyscraper, Tower Number Seven, which was NOT hit by an aeroplane, crumbled into dust. First, it crumbled – just like that! And, second, it crumbled into dust.

Moreover, thirty minutes beforehand, a BBC journalist, Jane Stanley (taking her information from a piece of paper given to her) reported Tower Number Seven had collapsed – when it had not! BUT, thirty minutes later, it DID collapse – and into dust!

How did she “know” in advance? (Answer – she had been given that piece of paper).

More and more intelligent people are realising that modern skyscraper buildings do not suddenly collapse into dust and that BBC journalists are not soothsayers, crystal ball gazers, or psychics with great powers of material destruction. Furthermore, making a building collapse into dust is easily done if a combination of demolition explosives and some form of energy ray or similar is used.

Thus the world (and Americans in particular) is having to come to terms with the nasty evidence that, in order to further Zionist interests by initiating a general war against Islam, the CIA and Mossad were heavily involved in the murder of three thousand Americans. The noted analyst Kevin Barrett, has summed up this situation by saying, “Israel has reached the end of its shelf-life.” He continued, “The US is going broke and sacrificing thousands of lives in wars for Israel – wars that damage, rather than aid, US strategic interests.”

So, when the USA wakes up to the fact that supporting a racist Israel is not in its strategic interests, why should it not decide to betray Israel and develop straightforward normal, relations with modern democratic states throughout the Middle East?

What about betraying Saudi Arabia? It is neither modern or democratic. Rather it is feudal, vicious and totalitarian. Is Saudi Arabia going to be betrayed by the USA?

It’s possible. Within a few years, the USA is expected to become energy-independent. When that happens, why should the USA continue to get itself universally hated by supporting a corrupt regime of thieves and torturers?

What about Iran? Why should not the USA, aided by the crony UK and other countries whose foreign policy is controlled by Zionists, betray Iran?

Er, no. The betraying of Iran has already been done. The USA has already committed every betrayal, deceit, perfidy and double-dealing that it is possible to imagine.

So what about Bahrain? What about the USA and the UK betraying Bahrain?

Whereon a reader might point to those six thousand American troops in Bahrain and say that the killer-Khalifa regime is certain to survive.

But is it? Recently, the UK Foreign Secretary was in Bahrain and, giving the clearest possible sign of the UK preparing to betray the regime, he refused to meet the Bahraini Prime Minister who has held his post for over forty years. Moreover, there is a lot of pressure to welcome “dialogue”.

So the UK is obviously thinking of a “solution” rather like that in Yemen – the head of the regime is removed and a new head is put in instead i.e., there is the appearance of change but no real change. In the case of Bahrain, of course, it will probably be announced that a Prince is to take over (although not the torturer Prince Nasser) with a constitutional monarchy just like, it will be claimed, that of the UK. However, although, there would be new ministers and a gloss of limited voting for structures with no real political power, the reality will be that the regime remains in power – exactly as in Yemen.

But the people of Bahrain are true democrats and will never agree to be betrayed. There will be continuing outrage if “dialogue” takes place but not with those in prison. Indeed, the outrage will be the greater if the “dialogue” takes place without ALL of the political prisoners being immediately released and compensation paid. On top of which there must be immediate compensation for all who have been tortured and for the families of those who have been killed.

To be frank, the UK “solution” and “dialogue” will not solve anything while, at the same time, Arab democracy and Islamic awakening continue. To which can be added the certainty that Zionist Israel will make yet another huge mistake e.g., by attacking Iran and dragging in the USA. If that were to happen, the progress of political change in Bahrain will become very quick as will also be the case in the other autocratic countries of the Middle East.

Now please take a moment to remember the time, only a short time ago, when friends clapped each other on the back and exchanged presents. Yes, not long ago, the USA and the UK were fulsome friends with Ben Ali of Tunisia and Colonel Gadhafi of Libya just as they were friends with Mubarak of Egypt and Saleh of Yemen.

Then look what happened.

All in all, it’s time for time for the killer-Khalifa regime to get out. Furthermore, it is advised to get out now, while it can, before it is betrayed by those it thinks are its friends but who, in reality, will soon be looking for a chance to stab it in the back.

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  • Not a word above about the Senior Executive Service, Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators or the The Most Honourable Military Order of the Bath. Let alone ‘old Europe’ Canada with Bombardier Master Trust and the Royal Canadian Air Force team behind the air attacks. Not to mention others most often ignored for some reason. The Central Intelligence Agency and the Israeli Mossad serve the British Secret Intelligence Service commanded by the Intelligence and Security Committee and connected with The Worshipful Company of Horners/Fuellers.

    -= The Unhived Mind


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