Most Gays Reject Illuminati Agenda, one says

Most Gays Reject Illuminati Agenda, one says

August 25, 2015

(left. This is what a lesbian looks like. It’s hard to find a picture of an unattractive lesbian due to the Orwellian mind control exercised by Google. Mark says gay and lesbian activists are one dimensional, and not representative of gays as a whole.)

The illuminati gay agenda is a deceptive strategy we neither want nor consent to, such as the anti-family, anti-heterosexual, anti-God and anti-society policies.

by Mark C

I am a gay man fully awake to the New World Order plan. I am not a lone voice speaking out in the gay community. The majority of gay & lesbian people feel hijacked by external forces who use our legitimate concerns to undermine society.

The Illuminati Gay Agenda is not supported by most gays. This agenda is neither gay nor friendly to humanity; it’s all about their plot to take over and coerce society in a Satanic direction.

The LGBT activists, militants, both Gay & Lesbian are a separate species to normal gays. Inherently nasty, they are driven by a victim identity mind-set, looking for perceived persecutions and corresponding revenge. Socially these individuals are one-dimensional and single-faceted people.

In contrast, I am like a cut diamond with many facets: gender, race, religion, culture, nationality, plus things such as skills, hobbies & interests, politics, philosophy and sexuality.

LGBT activists can talk only about sexual orientation and gay rights. Ask them about anything else; they have nothing to give and unable to listen. Remove sexuality and they are very sad and boring people. It’s their whole identity! They have a problem relating to people normally. They are very insecure, self-hating and paranoid.


I am dismayed that sex education and gender confusion are taught to children from age 5. The illuminati want to sexualize children and groom them for pedophiles. Have these Cultural Terrorists considered the consequences of their actions?

Homosexuality is not the healthy natural norm. Society can manage with 2-3% gay population, but not 30-50%. Marriage must be between two different sexes; it is the foundation block for families and society. Targeting 5-7 year olds who have not mastered the alphabet to decide on 11 categories of identities to pick and choose from: Gender/Trans/Gay/Bi/Hetero etc. is a recipe for disaster. All these alternatives to male/female and heterosexuality are leading to population collapse.


In 2005, Civil Partnership became law in UK. This has now been superseded by Same Sex Marriages. A Gay marriage is never equal since they cannot have children without sperm donors/surrogates. Biologically it is easier for Lesbians.

Gay married couples have increased pressure on social services by requesting children for adoption. In my city, billboards are advertising for families to adopt; the family depicted is two men and a 8 year old boy. Children are getting snatched by the state and placed in homosexual households. Statistically gay men as a group have a higher propensity to engage in paedophilia than rest of the population.


I am in my mid-40s. In the early 1990s, I was indoctrinated by the Student Support Services at University. I had deep conflicts about coming out and received advice which conflicted with my deeply held Christian convictions from my upbringing.

I come from a family with a stay-at-home Mum, several siblings and a hard working father. I was counselled by a lesbian university counsellor who pressured me to tell my Mum, and go out and be promiscuous which I resisted. I sought solace from the Roman Catholic Chaplain who informed me about sadomasochism and reconciling faith with gay lifestyle. I got the blessing to go fourth and experiment.

I see my life in terms of being multi-faceted and the gay facet being irrelevant. I see my homosexuality for what it is — an affliction that without careful tending can become a problem. I am content with my interests, friendship and I am integrated into society.

The gay scene, parades and online dating, meeting haunts, I avoid. There is very seldom any meaningful fulfilment in gay relationships or sexual promiscuity. Very few gays are compatible. I am more interested in fulfilment in personal friendship. My life blossoms from these being non-sexual/celibate.

Society needs to cure the illness of Cultural Marxism. The LGBT agenda has gotten out of control. It’s time to restore sanity to society to make it great again. This starts with the family and honouring heterosexuality as the healthy norm.

First Comment from Dan:

Fully mature, well grounded men and women suitable for producing strongly bonded, unbreakable families and clans are the real target. I’m sorry, that doesn’t include homosexuals and lesbians despite their sincerity. Nobody is more sincere than children, but no child is fully developed. Unfortunately, neither are the majority of people in the West right now.

‘Arrested development’ is a phenomenon of post Modernity so well known that there was a television series by that name a decade ago already. I’m not saying that only homosexuals and lesbians aren’t fully mature and incapable of the kind of bonding necessary for successful families. The fact is that the ‘average family’ and normalcy have become so degraded that many homosexuals and lesbians seem as mature and stable as anybody else. What I am saying is, they’re not.

We mustn’t forget though, that homosexuals and lesbians combined are less than 2% of the American population, and America is the ‘gayest’ nation on earth these days. That’s one reason the media and government are magnifying them right now, because in reality any power they appear to have is what media and government allow them. So it doesn’t matter whether they reject GLAAD’s ‘gay elite’ dictatorship of definitions, any more that it matters that 85% of heterosexuals reject it. It’s all a media illusion anyway.

The real purpose of all the hype is the sewing of gender confusion among the increasing population of single mother children. Not to make them grow up gay, but to arrest their development, so that they never grow up.

The damage was already being done by the heterosexual ‘sex revolution’ of the 1960’s. Henry was right in 2001 in his article ‘Playboy and the (Homo) Sexual Revolution’. The name of the game was arrested development of males.

Every male stuck in a pubescent sexuality feedback loop is a broken link in the chain of procreation.
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