Mosul liberation to break back of Daesh project: Activist

Mosul liberation to break back of Daesh project: Activist

Wed Nov 2, 2016 11:5AM

The Iraqi army, with support from Popular Mobilization Units and Kurdish Peshmerga forces, has made major advances in the battle to retake the northern city of Mosul, the last Daesh stronghold in the Arab country. An activist and political commentator Shabbir Hassanally believes that the liberation of Mosul will destroy the entire project of Daesh which is the brainchild of Israel, the United States and Britain.

“Daesh is an entire project controlled out of Tel Aviv, Washington and London and this liberation of Mosul – which we inshallah pray for the success of the Iraqi army and the popular liberation forces, popular resistance forces – this is very, very important. Because it breaks the back of the Daesh entity, of this Daesh project,” Hassanally told Press TV in an interview on Wednesday.

He also emphasized that one of the key things the Iraqi forces need to do is to prevent the Takfiri terrorists from seeping into Syria.

“Syria needs to continue its resistance operations, continue fighting and continue cleaning up [its territory] from Daesh all the way through Raqqah,” he stated.

The activist also described the unity of the Iraqi people to fight for their country as “extremely heartening.”

He also noted the entire battle against Daesh, which is a “Zionist-inspired project,” should be seen as a joint fight in both Syria and Iraq.

Hassanally further admired the Iraqi soldiers’ beautiful work of restoring churches as they continue liberating cities and towns across the country in an attempt to repair the damage inflicted by Daesh.

He also expressed hope that this “initial cancer” of Daesh which is plaguing the Middle East can be removed.

Iraq launched an operation to retake Mosul, the capital of Nineveh Province, which fell into the hands of Daesh in June 2014, over two weeks ago. The Iraqi army is now trying to open humanitarian corridors to help the civilians caught up there escape to safe zones.

Over the past months, Syria has also managed to recapture swathes of land from Daesh and other terrorist groups in the east and north of the country.

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