Mother Russia Calling: De Niro, Vin Diesel, Tagawa Want Russian Passports

Mother Russia Calling: De Niro, Vin Diesel, Tagawa Want Russian Passports © AP Photo/ Chris Pizzello

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Quite a few A-list actors, including Robert De Niro, Vin Diesel and Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa are interested in obtaining Russian citizenship, the Japanese-American actor himself told Russia’s LifeNews in an interview.

Tagawa, known for his roles in Mortal Kombat, Pearl Harbor and Memoirs of a Geisha among others, attended Roy Jones Jr.’s fight against Enzo Maccarinelli Saturday night.

“Three weeks ago I asked for a Russian passport. Other Hollywood actors, such as Robert De Niro and Vin Diesel, are also willing to obtain Russian citizenship,” Tagawa told LifeNews.

Co-owner of the famous Nobu chain of restaurants, De Niro opened the first Moscow location back in 2009. This year he teamed up with Japanese chef Nobu Matsuhisa once again to launch another restaurant of the same brand in the Russian capital.

The actor told reporters he was fond of Russian cuisine, and also called for cooperation between Moscow and Washington to “put an end to all disagreements.”

Hollywood hunk Vin Diesel, celebrated for his roles in the Fast and the Furious movie franchise, recently posted a picture of himself standing in front of the Kremlin with the words:

“My first visit to Russia… 2009… The cast of Fast and I fell in love with the country. Here’s to great memories!”

Well, if Tagawa is right, Russia would soon have more A-list celebrities walking the red carpet in central Moscow.

Legendary boxer Roy Jones Jr. recently announced he received a Russian passport.

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  • theunhivedmind

    Whilst I love the idea of people jumping ship from the Zeusian dark age West over to the Promethean East future, I also have my worries about the situation. Why? Would you trust anyone who’s been part of the Zionist Hollywood system? You should be aware of how most of these celebrities are mind control victims with multiple personalities that are used to pass personal messages, spy and aid blackmail incidents etc. So what if the Zionists are attempting to infiltrate a hardened Russia by using celebrities which the Zionists expect will be accepted with open arms? Lets remember under threats to National Security that Vladimir Putin has been locking down the Russian Federation when it comes to NGOs and other infiltration methods. I strongly urge Putin to seriously vet and monitor all of these Hollywood stars. If a celebrity wants a Russian passport then they must denounce their U.S Citizenship and prove themselves. These celebrities must submit to constant surveillance by the FSB and police in order to make sure they’re not working as double agents. You should be aware that intelligence agencies have utilized celebrities and their tours in order to infiltrate nations and pass on information.

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