Moving Forward While Wall St. Dies

Moving Forward While Wall St. Dies

As the mobilization by EIR and LaRouchePAC around the coming United Nations General Assembly session continued today with a large New York rally, diplomats, journalists and New Yorkers were reacting — as Lyndon LaRouche put it — “You seem to be moving ahead while Wall Street is going backward.”

LaRouche called it noteworthy that a number of bankers and economists have emphasized to EIR in recent days, that what the Federal Reserve and other central banks are now doing at Wall Street’s demand, is profoundly destructive to the economy and living standards. Moreover, it signals that Wall Street financial institutions are no longer viable, and face a complete blowout.

The U.S. economy in its Wall Street-dominated form is dead. Wall Street itself, lead by Goldman Sachs, is now desperately demanding “more easing” — negative interest rates, confiscation of depositors’ savings — from the Federal Reserve and other central banks, to stave off its collapse. This is just a defensive tactic that solves nothing for Wall Street, but could make the economy far worse if not stopped.

Now is the time to shut Wall Street down: the option of a Glass-Steagall bank reorganization and FDR-modeled recovery program is ready.

At the United Nations Tuesday morning, we take on the Wall Street/City of London “green” zero-growth policy directly, in a press conference announcing the EIR Report, “Global Warming Scare Is Population Reduction, Not Science.”

We are clearly on the edge of sudden change. LaRouche’s view is that internationally, the strategic move by Russian President Putin, backed by China, for a real coalition against ISIS/al-Qaeda terrorism, is clearly succeeding. All the major United States press are freely admitting — furious though they may be about it — that Putin’s “tour de force” is overturning President Obama’s failed and disastrous policy of regime-change wars.

This, LaRouche commented, is a change in the global subject by Putin — again, backed by China — not a fortunate change for him. It is strategic, and has had a strong effect across Eurasia. The warmaker Obama is flanked; but will he be thrown out of office? If so, we can get a convergence of the United States with other major nations, on this and other decisive matters.

But the United States’ reaction to this new situation is still extremely important. To be positive, that reaction must include removing all power from Obama.

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