MPs say yes to mitochondrial donation regulations

MPs say yes to mitochondrial donation regulations

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British lawmakers have voted for a controversial technique that allows the creation of babies from three people.

British lawmakers backed the mitochondrial donation regulations by 382 votes to 128 – a majority of 254.

The UK is the first country to introduce laws to allow the creation of babies from three people.

Government support

Back in December, the government published rules showing how the techniques should be used

Prime Minister David Cameron has said that he would vote in favor of the controversial technique.

“I think it has be thoroughly researched and tested and as someone who had a severely disabled child myself, I know what parents go through when they are concerned about these issues,” Cameron said.

Controversial procedure

The technique has been developed by the scientists at Newcastle University. It enables IVF clinics to replace the egg’s defective mitochondrial DNA of a would-be mother with healthy DNA from a female donor.

Advocates of the new procedure argue that nearly 2,500 women could benefit from mitochondrial donation in Britain. They say the technique can help prevent children suffering debilitating conditions like muscular dystrophy.

But critics warn that it will put the babies at a higher risk of cancer and premature ageing. They have called it a historic mistake saying it is not a cure and will cause larger effects.

Rights groups say the move would open the door to further genetic modification of children in the future. Also, senior Church figures have called for the blocking of the procedure. They say the procedure is neither safe nor ethical as it includes the destruction of embryos.

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