Mulatto Obama compared to Ape in UK Paper

UK paper compares Obama to ape?

Sat, 24 Nov 2012 11:04:18 GMT

British morning newspaper The Daily Telegraph has juxtaposed an image of the US president Barack Obama in its Pictures of the Day section for November 20 with images of animals including apes, apparently to suggest a similarity between the beasts and the US president.

In a row of shots including images of places, celebrities and even the British Queen, Obama is shown as he “yawns during an East Asia Summit session in Phnom Penh, Cambodia” next to the pictures of a gorilla, a baboon and a Siberian tiger also yawning.

The mischievous attitude of the paper is further exposed by the repetition of the word “yawns” for the president and the beasts to intensify the similarity clearly seen in the pictures.

The Daily Telegraph is a high-circulation morning broadsheet paper targeted at mainly Conservative readers.

The move leaves more than a few question marks hanging over the attitude of the paper and the Conservatives, whose leader David Cameron is currently serving as the British Prime Minister, toward the first ever African-American to hold office as the US president.

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