Murder confession by Jimmy Savile


Louis Theroux interviewing Jimmy Savile for a documentary

Sunday October 28,2012
By Ben Borland

SAVILE “confessed to murder” on national TV, sparking new fears that his reign of terror may have been worse than imagined.

He was speaking in 2002 after a Louis Theroux documentary in which he was secretly filmed boasting about his criminal past as a Leeds nightclub proprietor.

Speaking in a follow-up documentary he said of Theroux: “He was having a go to try and get a bit of salacious TV so I drop into Godfather mode.

“If he wants to die, he can die. He won’t be the first I’ve put away.”

Theroux laughed off the apparent threat.

However, detectives were yesterday urged to “keep an open mind” about it.

Leading criminologist Dr Ian Stephen urged police to consider investigating Savile as a suspect in “cold case” murders and missing persons inquiries.

He said: “It is possible he upped the game, always a risk with sensation seekers.”

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