Muslim Brotherhood Morsi cuts all ties between Egypt & Syria whilst calling for a No-Fly Zone

Morsi says Egypt cuts all ties with Damascus, calls for Syria no-fly zone

Get short URL Published time: June 15, 2013 19:11

Egypt has decided to cut all ties with Syria, close the embassy in Cairo and withdraw the Egyptian envoy from Damascus, said Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi. He also urged the international powers to impose a no-fly zone over Syria.

“We have decided to close down the Syrian embassy in Cairo,” said Morsi during a conference of Sunni Muslim clerics in support of the Syrian uprising at Cairo Indoor Stadium, according to local newspaper Ahram online. “The Egyptian envoy in Damascus will also be withdrawn.”

The decision comes into effect Saturday.

The President added that Hezbollah, the Shiite Islamic militant group based in Lebanon.

“We stand against Hezbollah in its aggression against the Syrian people,” Morsi said. “There is no space or place for Hezbollah in Syria.”

Hezbollah fighters have reportedly been fighting alongside Syrian pro-government troops against the opposition forces in the ongoing conflict.

Addressing the massive crowd at the stadium, the Egyptian president said “the Egyptian people support the struggle of the Syrian people, materially and morally, and Egypt, its nation, leadership … and army, will not abandon the Syrian people until it achieves its rights and dignity.”

Morsi urged the international powers not to hesitate to enforce a no-fly zone over Syria. His supporters chanted: “From the free revolutionaries of Egypt: We will stamp on you, Bashar!”

The US has been giving consideration to the issue of setting up a no-fly zone across Syria and possibly along Jordan’s border after claims that nerve gas was used by the Syrian government, sources told Reuters.

“Washington is considering a no-fly zone to help Assad’s opponents,” a senior diplomat told the agency.

But Russian Foreign minister Sergey Lavrov has stressed that any attempt to establish the no-fly zone would be a violation of international law.

“There have been leaks from western media regarding the serious consideration to create a no-fly zone over Syria through the deployment of Patriot anti-aircraft missiles and F-16 jets in Jordan,” Lavrov said. “You don’t have to be a great expert to understand that this will violate international law.”

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  • theunhivedmind

    The Muslim Brotherhood is a creation from The Honourable East India Company and it is controlled by the Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst and British Intelligence for the Order of Malta. Start studying the connections of the Muslim Brotherhood to the Clinton’s and the government of the United States. The Pope’s loyal Sunni Muslims are being used to attack the Shia Muslims because their caliph will never subordinate to the Pope who believes he can only be the Temporal Power over the world. This is a religious war at the heart and all part of this final crusade which George W. Bush hinted at. Remember Bush says he see’s God in the eyes of former-Pope Benedict XVI.

    Morsi is a bleeding terrorist if the truth is known like all the Muslim Brotherhood vermin. The idea is to put this group in power all over the Middle East to aid the coming Clash of the Civilisation. How can you remove people like Gaddafi and then replace them with leaders who are fundamental Sharia law suppressing women etc which you earlier said was part of your reason for your actions? It is called double-think and double-speak which was first highlighted by George Orwell.

    Its about time Syria and Iran obliterated Egypt. The reason the DVD paid off Mubarak and removed him was so Iron Dome could be put into the region to aid Israel. Trouble is folks that Iron Dome sucks and will be useless against the missiles targeting Israel. It is no business of Morsi’s what sovereign Syria does in its own borders, he should keep his filthy western-led beak out of Syrian internal affairs. We are fed up with all this propaganda.

    Syria has NOT used Sarin gas, Al-Qaeda germ rebel terrorists like Al-Nusra Front are using Sarin gas and have been caught red handed with the nerve agent. Do not let them do the old WMD crap again like they did with Iraq using Hill & Knowlton a front for MI6 and the Joint Intelligence Committee. Time for Vladimir Putin to arm Syria up to the teeth and keep monitoring the Middle Eastern airspace and then punish anyone who dares attack or enter Syrian airspace, I repeat Syrian airspace, not the UN’s and not the U.S or U.K’s but Syrian.

    -= The Unhived Mind


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