By Cristina Laila September 17, 2016

The Muslim Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, who by the way has terrorist ties to various groups like CAGE and legally defended 9/11 terrorist, Zacarias Moussaoui has begun his 5 day North American tour and was in Chicago pushing Sharia Law while attacking the First Amendment.

Mr. Khan wasted no time during his 45 minute speech before the Chicago Council on Global Affairs on Thursday to proselytize and attack what he considers ‘anti-Muslim’ views many Westerners have. He also used Hillary Clinton’s line arguing what is needed is to ‘build bridges rather than walls’. I wonder if Mr. Khan objects to the 600 mile ‘Great Wall’ that Saudi Arabia is building on its border with Iraq to protect Mecca?

    “Indeed, the penalty for those who cause mischief against Allah and His Messenger (Muhammad) and contrive corruption upon the earth is that they be killed or crucified or that their hands and feet be cut off from opposite sides or that they be exiled from the land.” Quran 5:33

Mr. Khan continued his Taquiyya (Islamic deception) by saying, “We play straight into the hands of those who seek to divide us, of extremists and terrorists around the world, when we imply that it is not possible to hold Western values and to be a Muslim.” Really, Mr. Khan? It’s Westerners who seek to divide, not Muslims? The Quran specifically says in verse 3:28 ‘Muslims must not take infidels as friends’, or Quran 9:123 ‘Make war on infidels living in your neighborhood’. These are only 2 of the over 100 verses in the Quran that call Muslims to war with non Muslims, yet Westerners are to blame? The problem is Islam. The problem are Muslims and their relentless quest to have every nation under Sharia Law.

    “Wage war on non-Muslims and kill them until they submit and the only religion is Islam.” Quran 8:39

Mr. Khan continued to attack our First Amendment right to free speech by saying criticizing Islam, “…only makes it harder to build integrated and cohesive communities and it makes it easier for terrorists to radicalize our young people, making us less safe…”. So tell me Mr.Khan, if terrorism has nothing to do with Islam, then how does criticizing Islam create terrorism? The only people who aren’t integrating into society nor assimilating are Muslims. Muslims are migrating to Western nations, living off the largess of tax payers and continuing to live in the 7th century. Muslim women cover themselves in dark, shapeless burkas, the men have multiple wives, including child brides (Quran 65:4 allows Muslim men to marry girls who have yet to menstruate). Muslim men believe they own women and are allowed to beat them according to Quran 4:34. These are not Western Values, Mr. Khan. Islam is a medieval death cult of rape, slavery and pedophilia and we do not want that Satanic filth in the West! In fact, criticizing and questioning a dangerous ideology such as Islam is VERY American! It is our duty, as having freedoms requires continued, unwavering vigilance!

The Muslim Mayor went on to say he’s a “big fan” of Hillary’s (shocker, a Muslim with terrorist ties is a fan of Hillary Clinton) and that he hopes she wins the election.

Khan went on and on and also criticized Donald Trump’s moratorium on banning Muslims from entering the U.S. by saying, “Not only does that show a lack of understanding and awareness of the great country that is the USA and its history and legacy, it’s also inadvertently playing into the hands of..ISIS…” Khan shows what an utter moron he is once again. The first war the U.S. got into right after the American Revolution was against Islam, The Barbary Wars. Islam has always been and will always be the enemy of the West. Sharia Law and Islam’s barbarism is inimical to our Constitution and our values. Furthermore, moratoriums and quotas have historically been a part of our immigration policies. What is un-American, is having open borders with reckless abandon and letting people in here who have all types of dangerous exotic diseases, who hate us and want to kill us (Muslims).

I find Mr. Khan’s speech to be utterly disgusting and arrogant and he can get the hell out of my country! I would like him to go to Saudi Arabia and give the Saudi Royal family the same lecture on integration and ask them why they don’t allow Christian churches or Jewish synagogues to be built there. I would also like Mr. Khan to ask the Saudis why non-Muslims aren’t allowed in Mecca. Aren’t Muslims supposed to meet the same rigors of tolerance they set for us Westerners? Of course not! Muslims can be as bigoted, racist and intolerant as they wish, and if you object to their rape and enslavement, you are an Islamophobe!

Mr. Khan is just another Muslim who demands that non Muslims bow to Islamic overlords. Do not be fooled by his clean cut appearance, British accent and nice suits. His allegiance is to Islam. The goal of Islam is to dominate while the non-Muslims live in an underclass (Quran 9:29) and are forced to submit by any means necessary, including death (Quran 8:39). This is why they are trying to silence any criticism about Islam. Our First Amendment right to free speech was truly a genius move by our Founding Fathers. They knew there would come a time that our freedoms would hang in the balance. We must speak up. We must become more and more strident as we push back on Islam. As I always say, if you give Islam an inch, they will take over your nation as history has proven.

“If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.”
-George Washington

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  • uhm

    I’ve said no end of times that this cretin is a dangerous puppet of the New Venice Empire. We’ve seen what this guy is like when Britons voted to leave the fascist European Union. Sadiq Khan should be in jail awaiting sentencing to death based on pre-1990 Treason laws. If Americans don’t want red coats from New Venice coming and spouting their mouths off like this then they need to vote Donald J. Trump (if he’s on the level).

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