Muslim migrants in Germany rape Russian child for 30 hours, then get “massacred” by angry Russians in reprisal

Muslim migrants in Germany rape Russian child for 30 hours, then get “massacred” by angry Russians in reprisal — Jan 27, 2016

Sourced from the Russian website Sovsekretno
Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

Note. The badly written English translation has been edited and corrected slightly by Lasha Darkmoon in the interests of clarity . The original English translation, if you prefer, can be read in the Fort Russ link given above. Some will find these events hard to believe. We advise initial caution and skepticism until further corroboration is received.



400 angry locals, who happen to be Russian immigrants in Germany, took the law into their own hands recently after a 13-year-old Russian schoolgirl was gang-raped by Muslim refugees in a vicious 30-hour ordeal. Knowing the German police would do absolutely nothing to bring the Muslim rapists to justice, the angry locals apparently put the rapists to death. (LD)

Abuses of migrants in Germany has forced local men to take up arms and teach the foreigners a lesson. The editorial office of Sovsekretno (meaning “Top Secret”) received a message about a massacre that was conducted on the town of Bruchsal by Russian immigrants to Germany — about 400 “Russian Germans”.

“According to police, the scene (a migrant Hostel) was attended by around 120 cars with 3-4 Russian Germans in each. The “Southerners”, the Arabs and the Moroccans, tried to resist and fired guns. But they were beaten with baseball bats and bar stools. The “Rusaki”, as the Russian migrants in Germany call themselves, strolled across all floors, said the source to Sovsekretno about the number of Russian migrants residing in Germany.

According to the source, the cause of the massacre was probably the rape of the displaced 13-year-old Russian girl Lisa.

As was previously reported by the media, in Berlin a group of refugees for over 30 hours raped a 13-year-old schoolgirl. The child was kidnapped on January 11 near the railway station when she was returning home from school.

A conflict of this scale has never happened before in Germany since the beginning of the mass migration of refugees into the country. The abuse of women by migrants in Cologne and multiple cases of rape have angered the local population. The policy of non-intervention by the police and attempts to gloss over the crimes committed by refugees has forced people to protect their families.

A Russian immigrant from the commune of Lichtenfels in Bavaria said: “The city has become dangerous to walk in and even to drive a car. When I stop at traffic lights, I lock the inside doors of the car, so that no one can climb into the cabin. The same is done after my trip to the supermarket. I get into the car quickly and close the doors. Only then do I start the engine.”

According to the Russian immigrant, a woman who moved to Germany 10 years ago, the Muslim migrants do not respect the rules of the road. They walk on foot on the sides of highways and this can cause an accident. Refugee women are seen begging. And the refugee men rob and raid supermarkets. The authorities and the police of Germany are silent about the incidents and just condemn the actions of migrants… [Defective translation].

“In Frankenberg, the supermarket “Hermes” was transformed into a refugee shelter. It houses a thousand people. As a result, the city became restless, and I’m going to get a permit for my wife to bear arms,” said the source to Sovsekretno.

“Local residents are outraged by the impudent behaviour of these migrants. They take masses of products in the local shops without paying for them. When cashiers call the guards, the migrants pretend they don’t understand the language. The mayor of Frankenberg arrived at one of these incidents and tried to speak to them in several languages. To no avail. In the end, he paid for the migrants. This caused observers of the incident to ask: “Why do the native Germans spend their lives working so hard when the migrants get everything for free?”

According to the source, the authorities tried to appeal to the local population to help the migrants and get them to settle down in vacant residential premises. After this, however, there were a series of arson attacks on the private property of those Germans who had helped the refugees.

Currently, men from the Netherlands are protesting against the excesses of these foreign migrants by walking round the streets in miniskirts. Russian immigrants to Germany have been among the first to defend their families with the use of arms.

Russian migrants who we talked to did not hide their radical views. “If my wife or daughter were harassed by any of these migrants,” one of them said, “I would take a bat and smash them up!


  • MetalHeadViking

    This is very interesting. The Kreml is getting involved in this case.

    A 13-year-old girl of russian decent in Berlin, Germany was brutally gang-raped by a gang of muslims for 30 hours straight.

    The muslim men even openly boasted about raping her and how they forced her to “milk them” and penetrated her until she couldnt move. A video that went viral on LiveLeak.

    400 men of the russian diaspora in Germany attacked a rapefugee-camp as a respons after russian news reported on the story.

    Now a russian journalist in Berlin has been saying that the german police have been covering up the story. The police was claiming that there was no rape and that the girl willingly wanted to have group sex with a bunch of muslim men in theire late 20s. And that the case had to do with them hitting her, not raping her.

    Anyways, the russian journalist exposed the german police covering up the rape, so now Germany is trying to prosicute the russian journalist, basically for blowing the corrupt german polices cover. This has got Putin and the Kreml involved in the case. Even Putin now asking why Merkel is covering up a rape case, and persicuting a journalist who has exposed them.

    Now, the question is, is Putin now taking up this case to attack Merkel on some level? The 13-year-old girl, may be seen as a russian subject from Putins point of view. But the worst part is that Merkels government is attacking the russian journalist exposing the german police.

    What is your take on this case? How come the Kreml is getting involved? And is Putin trying to attack Merkel here?

    • theunhivedmind

      Okay first of all remember for a while now Russia has been trying to cut down and stop foreigners adopting Russian children and you’ll find numerous mainstream articles on this subject pasted onto this website. The great Promethean Vladimir Putin will certainly utilize this to aid the point of keeping Russian children in the homeland and preserving Russian DNA and nationalism. Putin knows this will be a great opportunity to put some pressure on Germany as this issue will make Putin look even better on his achievement resume. Putin is building up a strong list of worthwhile interventions and achievements that have real meaning and which put this great man in very good standing with people of intelligence all around the world. Putin might utilize this issue to assure no interference in the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. So far Merkel has been in agreement on the pipeline but there’s pressure from the House of Windsor to hinder the pipeline in order to destroy Germany’s chance of being independent of the New Venice Empire. Germany is of vital importance to the NVE and for a while the nation is on the brink of quitting the Empire so of course the NVE pressure Merkel into the Kalergi Plan invasion. The last German power who nearly resisted the NVE was Helmut Kohl but he gave in after serious threats from New Venice (Britain) and France but at least he came close. You’ve got to realize that many of the leaders of nations do what they do through pressure and this is why Merkel continues to ruin Germany. Merkel isn’t ruining Germany through being narcissist or insane and her mannerisms may give these impressions but she’s sane except she’s panicking due to the massive pressures being forced on her by The Ancients and their invisible hand. It’ll be interesting to watch what happens over this violent child abuse and hopefully the now Zeusian Germany and be pulled into the Promethean light and freed from New Venice Empire subordination. Germany has been controlled and slaughtered since the Treaty of Versailles. If an independent real Germany can come forth along with a powerful Russian Federation then the world could be changed dramatically and the spread of the Hamiltonian principle and American system can flourish across the world lifting mankind out of the current dark age and aiding the readmitted creativity back into humanity.

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      ★(¸.·´ (¸.*´ ¸.·´
      `·-☆ The Unhived Mind

      • MetalHeadViking

        Amazing, really good points. You reminded me of Russias new policy against adoption.

        There seems to be a battle of “values” also. The german authorities seem to view a 13-year-old girl wanting to be in a gangbang with a bunch of grown Middle Eastern men, as something fully natural. While the russians view this as a completely insane suggestion.

        I see that Putin has won some great sympathy among germans against Merkels jesuit-Kalergi plan agenda.

        At the end of the day Merkel has to make her choice. Meny people are talking about a comming asymetric civil war within Germany because of the massive immigration. Next year will probably be too late to turn things around. The 2018 elections are too far away to make any real difference.

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