Muslims terrorism’s first victims: France

Muslims terrorism’s first victims: France

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French Foreign Minister​ has referred to Muslims as the first victims of terrorism, urging triumph in the fight against extremism.

Laurent Fabius made the remarks during a visit to Kuwait City on Tuesday.

When Kuwait and France fight “against terrorism, we fight those who are not only liars, but also killers,” he said. “Muslims have been the first victims of those terrorists.”
Fabius said France looks to Islam as a moderate religion.

Giving terrorism no quarter

The French top diplomat also called for more solid international cooperation against extremism, saying that “this is a battle we should win.”


Fabius stressed that French authorities will apply the law firmly against any acts against Islam or Muslims.

The remarks, however, follows French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo’s repeated provocation of Muslim anger through publishing cartoons of the Prophet of Islam. The periodical has defended its actions under the guise of free speech.

The French Council for the Muslim Religion, a leading Muslim group, has also reported a rise in anti-Muslim incidents since a January 7 attack on the magazine’s Paris offices, which killed 12 people. The al-Qaeda branch in Yemen has claimed responsibility for the attack.

The council said on Friday that 128 incidents or threats against Muslims were reported from January 7 to 20.

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