Nancy Reagan’s Death—’The End of A Certain Kind of Era’

Nancy Reagan’s Death—’The End of A Certain Kind of Era’

The Reagans waving from the limousine during the Inaugural Parade 1981.

The reality of the present collapse of the Trans-Atlantic system, is a deadly situation—from the physical economic breakdown, to the financial blow-out chaos, to the war danger, and to the terrorizing effect of the rotten U.S. election line-up and process. Most dangerous of all, is the cover-up or denial that there are solutions. What is required in these irrational circumstances, is a rational response. There are solutions. Just such a rational response is underway in the international drive by the leaders of Russia and China, for collaboration in space, science, economic development in Eurasia and worldwide, and peace. It was stated last week at national meetings in Beijing, that space exploration will now be an integral part of China’s economic innovation program. In the United States, LaRouchePAC’s Kesha Rogers is leading the drive to restore this same outlook, originally a hallmark of the American System, and embodied in NASA.

Lyndon LaRouche today put the question of leadership into immediate historical perspective, referring to Nancy Reagan’s death Sunday. He said that, if you take the period from Ronald Reagan’s election to the Presidency in 1980, through to Nancy’s death, this is a sign that, “an era of a certain kind has just ended.” Reagan embodied a standard of quality of leadership. He was a very able person. LaRouche spoke of his tie to him, and now, to the memory of his wife.

In the new era now underway, the crisis is not only the lack of quality of leadership, but the widespread hostility to such a quality. People in the Trans-Atlantic are becoming more and more insane. Nevertheless, if we intervene, with rationality, to provide the leadership, we can come to the rescue and succeed.

The enemy deployment is intense, in moves against the BRICS, and in the war push. None other than British crown functionary Ambrose Evans Pritchard is on the scene in Sao Paulo, issuing forth with a March 7 article that the “BRICS fantasy” is now over, and “the BRICS concept has become meaningless…” He asserts that, “Brazil is the first of the BRICS quintet to break down on so many fronts at once,” and that South Africa, Russia and China are all beset with problems. He charges that only India still has “wind in its sails,”—which in fact, refers to Anglo-American dirty tricks to try to make India, the ‘last BRIC standing.’

On the related, crazed militarization front, the largest-ever military exercises–termed Key Resolve–are now underway between the U.S. and South Korea. Involving 17,000 American forces and 300,000 South Korean personnel, the drills will last eight weeks. This comes at a time of acute tension with North Korea, given the cumulative impact of years of geopolitics.

LaRouche, speaking on the weekly LaRouchePAC TV Policy Committee program today admonished, “It’s the end of the old system. It needs replaced. It can be done.” It’s dangerous. Don’t lose your nerve.

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