More dole claimants to be forced to do community work

A scheme which forces thousands of people on the dole to do more community work is to be expanded, Employment minister Chris Grayling will say.

By Christopher Hope, Senior Political Correspondent
2:52PM BST 27 May 2012

The mandatory work activity scheme, which forces people on the dole to do community work, is to be doubled

The scheme offers a month’s full time work to unemployed people who in the view of Job Centre staff are not “pulling their weight”. Whitehall sources described the scheme as “a kick up the backside” or a “big push for people who are struggling”.

Mr Grayling refused to be drawn on the details of the announcement.

He told The Daily Telegraph: “We will be giving more details about our plans next month. But it is the case that Job Centre Plus staff have said this has proved to be an enormously valuable tool in trying to focus people on their job search.”

In the past year 18,000 unemployed adults have been gone onto the scheme, which Job Centre staff – which decide who goes on the scheme – say has proved popular.

Next month Mr Grayling will say that the scheme, which for those on the dole who are aged over 24, is going to double in size.

Mr Grayling is also understood to be looking at forcing people who miss two fortnightly job interviews to go on the scheme.

Detailed statistics of the scheme, which was started last year by Mr Grayling as part of a “carrot and stick” approach to benefits, will be published next month.

They are likely to show that half of the people referred for a month’s activity were coming off benefits, or were not turning up and having their benefits as a result.

Ministers like the scheme because it stops benefit claimants from working on the black market at the same. One source said: “They can’t do both.”


    So now if an employee of the Jobcentreplus team does not like you or has had a bad day they will decide your fate rather than a set of guidelines and time frame. People are being treated like prisoners to force them into accepting the work-for-nothing society being bought in right now aided by the Nazi Department for Work and Pensions and Common Purpose to aid frontman David Cameron’s sick Big Society. Of course the Big Society is a mind reframing programme by Common Purpose leading into the Marxist Fascist society of the zero growth post-industrial plan.

    Everything that is happening today from the changes in society to the collapse of the economy have all been planned for decades by groups like the Club of Rome under The Worshipful Company of Mercers. You have already seen what the Serco puppet Emma Harrison has been up to with the fraud in the a4e serfdom work programmes for the Nazi DWP. Now we see issues being raised with Serco on healthcare. This system is getting feudal very fast and more overt with it by the day. We must not become willing slaves for the pittance handed out just to survive. In fact the unemployment benefits do not cover living costs as they legally should do, especially with todays inflation due to economic collapse and quantitative easing crippling the debt instrument IOU promissory note called the pound. People will be treated as prisoners like chain gangs and only received their pittance benefit for it making it pay less than a third of the minimum wage which is illegal in the legalese usurping.

    Companies who have been using the slave labour welfare programmes are now trying all ways to fire their paid up work force. Why pay employees when you can have the same work done for free? What does this do? Forces the next round of people into the serfdom World where they then become conditioned to accepting this Big Society mind reframing and slavery. All whilst the City of London and the Bank of England make billions from your Birth Certificate registration and enslavement to the Cestui Que Vie Act 1666 itself connected with the wicked and vile Papal Bull Unam Sanctam of 1302 by evil Pope Boniface VIII. Funds which you never see but are made in your name and enslavement. Funds the City of London will get through the Escheat Law when you die and never your family. Slavery never died, it just got worse but no one see’s it anymore. Your inherited rights from God have been removed since the 14th Century, your soul has been reaped by Satan, your physical body is owned by Emperor Juan Carlos of Spain and your testament is mastered by Evelyn De Rothschild. What a wonderful New World Order which is simply the old World Order coming out in the open.

    -= The Unhived Mind



  • Laki

    Thomas Malthus was inspiration for creating the Club of Rome. And who was Malthus? Malthus was THE JESUIT. He graduated the Jesus College and was elected a Fellow of Jesus College. Wikipedia has an article about Malthus

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