Long-term jobless take a 20% dole cut and work in the community

Those out of work for more than a year should have their benefits docked by 20%, a panel of leading Conservative thinkers have said.
The Free Enterprise Group recommends that the jobless should have 10% of their Jobseeker’s Allowance removed after six months and another 10% after a year

By Robert Watts, Deputy Political Editor
7:50AM BST 07 Oct 2012

Anyone on Jobseeker’s Allowance for more than six months would also be obliged to undertake 30 hours of work in their local community each week under the controversial plans, which will be discussed at this week’s Conservative Party conference.

The proposals feature in a radical manifesto of 15 measures to boost economic growth and restrain public spending compiled by the Free Enterprise Group, whose membership include a number of ministers and MPs close to George Osborne, the Chancellor.

Supporters of the group include Matthew Hancock, Mr Osborne’s former chief of staff who is now a minister at the Department for Business, and Sajid Javid, a minister at the Treasury.

As well as a range of policies to cut tax and red tape, the manifesto calls for the introduction of a new “enterprise card” for immigrants, that would allow people from outside the European Union to work in Britain but be denied access to schools, NHS care and other parts of the welfare state unless they paid in advance.

Only after they had paid British taxes for 10 years would an enterprise card holder be eligible for British citizenship. The system is similar to the Green Card system operated in the United States.

Kwasi Kwarteng, the chairman of the Free Enterprise Group, said: “These are some dynamic and thoughtful ideas which we believe will get the British economy going in the next few years.

“Fostering free enterprise through reforming public spending, cutting taxes and getting the welfare budget under control needs to be at the heart of our political agenda.”

The manifesto will add to pressure on Coalition ministers including Vince Cable, the Liberal Democrat Business Secretary, to deliver more business-friendly policies.

Britain sank back into the second leg of a double-dip recession earlier this year.

Official figures published later this month are expected to show that the economy grew slightly during the third quarter of this year, but the outlook for next year remains bleak due to the Eurozone debt crisis and the dire state of Britain’s public finances.

The policies will be launched in a joint event hosted by the Free Enterprise Group and the Institute of Economic Affairs, the Right of centre think tank, at an event in Birmingham on Tuesday.

Devising ways to get the long-term unemployed into work remains one of the greatest challenges of welfare reform.

The Free Enterprise Group recommends that the jobless should have 10% of their Jobseeker’s Allowance removed after six months, with another 10% withdrawn if they remain out of work after a further six months.

Such a move would raise eyebrows amongst Liberal Democrat members of the Coalition who would almost certainly seek to block the proposals. Those under 25 currently receive £56.25 a week under Jobseeker’s Allowance. This rises to £71.00 a week for the over 25s and £111.45 for couples.

A senior Liberal Democrat source said: “I wonder sometime what planet many of the Tory Right are living on. They did not win the last election. They are in Coalition and with people who understand how much damage polices like this would do.”

The paper also proposes allowing a company’s first 12 employees to be treated as self-employed for tax and employment law purposes.

This would encourage more people to set up their own companies and take the risks necessary to fire economic growth, the report’s authors claim.

Other pro-growth policies recommended in the Free Enterprise Group’s manifesto include:

The planning system should be further reformed to allow the rapid building of new runways at Heathrow and other airports. A new scheme should be developed to allow developers to negotiate compensation packages directly with locals affected by developments.

Anti-strike laws should be toughened to block strikes by transport and emergency services workers.

A new generation of selective grammar schools known as “excellence academies” should be created, allowing gifted children from poor backgrounds to receive a first-rate education.

Introduce legislation to oblige future governments to balance their budgets.

Chris Skidmore, the Conservative MP for the west country constituency of Kingswood who part-wrote the report, said: “Now is the time for the Conservative party to be brave. We need bold thinking and ideas that reflect the fact that we are the party that believes people should have the freedom to make the decisions about the things that affect them.”


  • This is all to punish those unemployed by the planned economic collapse. A collapse created to aid the destruction of the current Western Civilization based on Oswald Spengler’s work being used by the Club of Rome. You heard Cameron speak of the ‘Big Society’ and this is nothing more than the Marxist mindset ready for the World socialist system coming in by the World Government aka United Nations.

    What these cretins do not tell you is that if you have all these unpaid slaves working in slave labour within the community then this will destroy real jobs in that community. Why would anyone pay someone to do a job when a bunch of slaves can be used for free. Therefore the worker not only loses his real job but also ends up on the slave line himself and the cycle continues until everyone is dependent on a tyrannical Government that wishes you harm and desires full control over of you. Real jobs equal independence and this is why they are being destroyed and all you are left with is large corporations controlled by private equity firms all run by elite merchant banking family vultures like the Warburg’s (Federal Reserve) with Warburg Pincus. Warburg Pincus was the first to take on slave unpaid labor with their vile Poundland stores. Now you have the Carlyle Group with George H.W Bush doing the same with Holland and Barrett. Since H&B joined the scheme the company has done everything it can to try to fire paid workers so they can be replaced with unpaid workers.

    Please wake up to this wicked system and protest fast or else. Do not think voting in the Labour Party will help. This is a fascist, socialist system taking over and its not what the British Government want, it is what the City of London Corporation demands. Do not fall for the illusion of choice from the big three political parties. The only true hope Britain has is the British Constitutional Group with Roger Hayes. Otherwise you can try the UK Independence Party with Nigel Farage. I highly recommend you leave Britain and find somewhere safe to live.

    The problem is that still many of the lucky British populace with a job are brainwashed into attacking those on benefits. Most of these people do not see that the economy has collapsed and will never return in its current state. Many will never have a clue we are truly in an economic depression not a recession. You can have seventy percent of your populace in work and still be in a depression. These people are hoodwinked their life is the same and will always be this way. If this was not the case Britain would have been up in chaos making the London Riots look like chicken feed in comparison. This is why Governments lie to their populace to keep the calm. What these people do not realize is that at any moment they may too be on the dole queue so they should be very careful what they crave against the unemployed right now as soon it will be them I one-hundred percent guarantee it. Then you will see these same people moan like crazy when it is happening to them.

    The benefit payments given out weekly are not enough to meet the needs of the unemployed especially as energy prices and food rocket due to inflation and other reasons mostly planned and done through illusion and hoodwink. Might I add that each time this Bank of England vermin do quantitative-easing they are ruining your currency and thus its purchasing power causing prices to have to rise.

    -= The Unhived Mind


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