Nazi Germany Morphed into Federal Republic

Nazi Germany Morphed into Federal Republic

October 1, 2015

Proof that Nazi Germany was an Illuminati operation
is that the Nazis were able to transfer their looted wealth
into control of blue chip corporations at home and abroad.
Bormann’s death was faked by Gestapo Chief
Heinrich Meuller, who had close relations with the CIA.
In 1971, the President of Germany personally arranged
for the adoption of Bormann’s baby son, an indication of
Bormann’s status.
Wars are ruses, designed to degrade and destroy humanity
while increasing the wealth and power of the Illuminati cult.

Martin Bormann: Nazi in Exile (1981) by Paul Manning – Below are excerpts from a summary by Dave Emory,
who deserves credit for keeping this important story alive.

“The stand-ins for Bor­mann were two unfor­tu­nates from Con­cen­tra­tion Camp Sach­sen­hausen, who had been killed gen­tly
in the Gestapo base­ment secret cham­bers with cyanide spray blown from a cig­a­rette lighter. . . .”

by Paul Manning

While serving in his capac­ity as direc­tor of secu­rity for the Bor­mann organization–the Nazi Party in exile and its economic infrastructure–Heinrich Mueller worked closely with US intel­li­gence, the CIA, in particular.

The Bor­mann orga­ni­za­tion had many com­mer­cial and polit­i­cal links to [Washington] and real clout was avail­able should the chase become too hot. The CIA could have pulled aside the gray cur­tain that obscured Bormann–at any time. But the CIA and Mueller’s crack orga­ni­za­tion of for­mer SS men found it to their mutual advan­tage to coop­er­ate in many sit­u­a­tions. There is no moral­ity in the sense that most of us know it in the strange world of pro­fes­sional secrecy, and when it was to the advan­tage of each to work together they did so.
(Ibid.; p.211.)

As might be sur­mised, Mueller’s oper­a­tives also worked with the orga­ni­za­tion of Rein­hard Gehlen. Even Gen­eral Gehlen, when he was chief of the Fed­eral Republic’s [Germany] intel­li­gence ser­vice, sent his agents to con­fer with Gen­eral Hein­rich Mueller in South America. (Ibid.; p. 274.)


Bormann’s per­sonal influ­ence in Ger­many proper was exem­pli­fied … In 1971, when he summoned the Pres­i­dent of the Fed­eral Repub­lic of Ger­many, then Wal­ter Scheel, and the latter’s wife Mil­dred, to Bolivia, whence they quickly returned to Europe with a newly adopted one-year-old boy who bore the first name Simon-Martin. The child, now eleven years of age, is being reared and educated in one of Germany’s most influ­en­tial fam­i­lies. The belief is, of course, that he is a son of Mar­tin Bor­mann, who insisted that this child of his old age be brought up as an upper-class Ger­man in his father­land and receive appro­pri­ate advan­tages befit­ting a son of the lead­ing Nazi.(Ibid.; p. 291.)

The Bor­mann group main­tains effec­tive con­trol over the Ger­man economy.

Atop an orga­ni­za­tional pyra­mid that dom­i­nates the indus­try of West Ger­many through banks, vot­ing rights enjoyed by major­ity share­hold­ers in sig­nif­i­cant car­tels, and the pro­fes­sional input of a rel­a­tively young lead­er­ship group of lawyers, invest­ment spe­cial­ists, bankers, and indus­tri­al­ists, [Bormann] is sat­is­fied that he achieved his aim of help­ing the Father­land back on its feet. To ensure con­ti­nu­ity of pur­pose and direc­tion, a close watch is main­tained on the profit state­ments and man­age­ment reports of cor­po­ra­tions under its con­trol else­where. This lead­er­ship group of twenty, which is in fact a board of direc­tors, is chaired by Bor­mann, but power has shifted to the younger men who will carry on the ini­tia­tive that grew from that his­toric meet­ing in Stras­bourg on August 10, 1944.

Old Hein­rich Mueller, chief of secu­rity for the NSDAP in South Amer­ica, is the most feared of all, hav­ing the power of life and death over those deemed not to be act­ing in the best inter­ests of the orga­ni­za­tion. Some still envi­sion a Fourth Reich. . .What will not pass is the eco­nomic influ­ences of the Bor­mann orga­ni­za­tion, whose com­mer­cial direc­tives are obeyed almost with­out ques­tion by the high­est ech­e­lons of West Ger­man finance and indus­try. ‘All orders come from the share­hold­ers in South Amer­ica,’ I have been told by a spokesman for Mar­tin Bormann. (Ibid.; pp. 284-5.)

The Bor­mann group’s enor­mous influ­ence has led to an effec­tive cover-up over the years.. . .Were he to emerge, it would embarrass the gov­ern­ments that assisted in his escape, the indus­trial and finan­cial lead­ers who ben­e­fited from his acu­men and trans­ferred their cap­i­tal to neu­tral nations in the clos­ing days of World War II, and the busi­ness­men of four con­ti­nents who prof­ited from the 750 cor­po­ra­tions he estab­lished through­out the world as depos­i­to­ries of money, patents, bearer bonds, and shares in blue chip indus­tries of the United States and Europe. . .


When I pen­e­trated the silence cloak­ing this story, after count­less inter­views and labo­ri­ous research in Ger­man and Amer­i­can archives for reveal­ing doc­u­ments of World War II, I knew that the Bor­mann saga of flight cap­i­tal and his escape to South Amer­ica was really true. It had been cov­ered up by an unpar­al­leled manip­u­la­tion of pub­lic opin­ion and the media.

The closer I got to the truth, the more quiet atten­tion I received from the forces sur­round­ing and pro­tect­ing Mar­tin Bor­mann, and also from those who had a direct inter­est in halt­ing my inves­ti­ga­tion. Over the period of years it took to research this book, I was the object of dili­gent obser­va­tion by squads of Gestapo agents dis­patched from South Amer­ica by Gen­eral ‘Gestapo’ Mul­ller, who directs all secu­rity mat­ters for Mar­tin Bor­mann, Nazi in exile, and his orga­ni­za­tion, the most remark­able busi­ness group any­where in the secret world of today. Mueller’s inter­est in me, an Amer­i­can jour­nal­ist, con­firmed the truth of my many inter­views and my ongo­ing inves­ti­ga­tion. . .

There are also those in inter­na­tional gov­ern­ment and busi­ness who have attempted to stop my for­ward move­ment on this inves­ti­ga­tion. In Ger­many, France, Eng­land, and the United States, too many lead­ers in gov­ern­ment and finance still adhere to Win­ston Churchill’s state­ment to his Cab­i­net in 1943 ‘In wartime, truth is so pre­cious that she should always be attended by a body­guard of lies’ . . . Oddly, I encoun­tered less resis­tance from Mar­tin Bor­mann and his aging peers than I did from the cover-up groups in West Ger­many, Paris, Lon­don, Wash­ing­ton, and Wall Street. (Ibid.; pp. 11-12.)

In response to inves­ti­ga­tions that revealed Bormann’s escape and post­war activ­i­ties, the Ger­man gov­ern­ment arranged for a DNA test­ing of the remains–supposedly of Bormann–that were found in Berlin in the 1970’s. The DNA tests were never inde­pen­dently ver­i­fied and the remains that were sup­posed to be Bormann’s were dis­posed of in a secret loca­tion, pre­clud­ing the pos­si­bil­ity of future ver­i­fi­ca­tion of the test.

The corpses placed in the ruins of Berlin were, in fact, con­cen­tra­tion camp inmates whose den­tal work was metic­u­lously altered under the super­vi­sion of Dr. Hugo Blaschke, Hitler and Bormann’s per­sonal den­tist. The inmates’ den­tal work was made iden­ti­cal to Bormann’s, right down to the wear and aging of the oral architecture.

The inmates were then killed, and their remains buried in the rub­ble of Berlin. These corpses were the remains found–and tested–by the Ger­man gov­ern­ment to “ver­ify” Bormann’s sup­posed death in World War II!

. . . A decep­tion plan for Bor­mann had been com­pleted by Mueller in Berlin. Tops in police work and crafty beyond imag­in­ing, he pro­vided for a match­ing skele­ton and skull, com­plete with iden­ti­cal den­tal work, for future foren­sic experts to pon­der over and to reach con­clu­sions that suited his pur­pose. . . . When Hein­rich Mueller vis­ited Sach­sen­hausen he walked through the engrav­ing, print­ing, and doc­u­ment areas look­ing for any inmates who might resem­ble Bormann.

In one, he noticed two indi­vid­u­als who did bear a resem­blance in stature and facial structure to the Reich­sleiter. He had them placed in sep­a­rate con­fine­ment. There­upon, a spe­cial den­tal room was made ready for “treat­ment” of the two men. A party den­tist was brought in to work over and over again on the mouth of each man, until his teeth, real and arti­fi­cial, matched pre­cisely the Reichsleiter’s. In April 1945, upon com­ple­tion of these alter­ations, the two vic­tim­ized men were brought to the Kur­fuer­sten­strasse building to be held until needed.

Dr. Blaschke had advised Mueller to use live inmates to insure a believ­able aging process for den­tures and gums; hence the need for sev­eral months of prepa­ra­tion. Exact den­tal fidelity was to play a major part in the iden­ti­fi­ca­tion of Hitler’s body by the invad­ing Rus­sians. It was to be of sig­nif­i­cance in Frank­furt twenty-eight years later, when the West Ger­man gov­ern­ment staged a press con­fer­ence to declare that they had ‘found Bormann’s skele­ton prov­ing he had died in Berlin’s freight yards May 1-2, 1945.’ Dr. Hugo Blaschke was the den­tist who had served both Hitler and Bor­mann. . . . In Bormann’s case, the prob­lem was more com­plex, more challenging.

Yet under Mueller’s skill­ful guid­ance, two bod­ies were planted; their dis­cov­ery was made pos­si­ble when an SS man, act­ing on Mueller’s orders, leaked the infor­ma­tion to a Stern mag­a­zine edi­tor as part of a ploy to “prove” that Bor­mann had died in the Berlin freight yard.

The stand-ins for Bor­mann were two unfor­tu­nates from Con­cen­tra­tion Camp Sach­sen­hausen, who had been killed gen­tly in the Gestapo base­ment secret cham­bers with cyanide spray blown from a cig­a­rette lighter. . . .

At Gestapo head­quar­ters, the night of April 30, the bod­ies were taken by a spe­cial SS team to the freight yards near the Wei­den­damm Bridge and buried not too deep beneath rub­ble in two dif­fer­ent areas. The Gestapo squad then made a hur­ried retreat from Berlin, join­ing their leader, SS Senior Gen­eral Hein­rich Mueller, in Flensburg.

The funeral and bur­ial caper was to be a Mueller trade­mark through­out the years of search­ing for Mar­tin Bor­mann. The Mossad was to point out that they have been wit­nesses over the years to the exhuma­tion of six skele­tons, two in Berlin and four in South Amer­ica, pur­ported to be that of Mar­tin Bor­mann. All turned out to be those of others . .

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