Netanyahu rips veil from US diplomacy: American journalist

Netanyahu rips veil from US diplomacy: American journalist

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s public rejection of a Palestinian state has ripped the veil from the US-backed Middle East “peace” facade, an American political commentator says.

Ian Williams, a senior analyst at Foreign Policy in Focus, a policy think tank based in Washington, DC, made the remarks on Wednesday while commenting on US President Barack Obama’s assertion that the chances for peace under Netanyahu have become “dim”.

Obama said Tuesday he has “substantial” policy difference with Netanyahu and the United States is considering whether to back Palestinian efforts to seek UN recognition for an independent state.

“The US policy has been based upon self-delusion,” Williams said. “Anybody, who’s read Netanyahu, or, by the way, the other Zionist leaders over the years, knows full well that they regard talking about peace is something that they have to do keep the Americans and the rest of the world from taking action against them.”

“As long as they keep talking about peace and thwarting it at every possible opportunity, they’ve managed to keep the diplomatic wolves from the door. But Netanyahu’s statement ripped that veil from the American diplomacy,” he added.

Williams said that Israelis have said “what everybody has known all along, that they have no intension of recognizing a Palestinian state.”

“What this has done is thrown into relief tensions within the both Israel and the American Jewish community, because there are many American Zionists who want a two-state solution, because the alternative is Israeli domination in perpetuity of a Palestinian minority, or the threat of a Palestinian minority inside the occupied territories in Israel becoming a majority,” he stated. “And either of those is unpalatable to them.”

Netanyahu had declared shortly before last week’s Israeli elections that he rejected the idea of a Palestinian state, which has been a “key element” of US foreign policy.

He backtracked on his comments after he was reelected, but the White House believes the damage has already been done.

Even if you accept Netanyahu’s reversal in position, “it’s hard to envision” how to get to a secure Palestinian state, Obama said.

The US president also said he would reevaluate the relationship between Washington and Tel Aviv following Netanyahu’s comments.

His comments were the latest evidence that the toxic relationship between the White House and the Zionist regime has reached a new low.

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