New 9/11 Eyewitness Evidence of Bombs at World Trade Centre [Video]

Monday, 12 December 2011 12:23

Confirmation of the death cloud they said was safe and what was in it.

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  • Is this guy telling the truth or is he simply a man-in-the-middle actor put in place to give disinformation and false guidance? Doesn’t look to ill to me, how about you? Unless this man had been doing herbology and other intensive hollistic health protocols theres no way he would be as well as this if he’d been exposed to what he claimed and felt as he claimed. I guess his excuse would be well I wore a special mask that day. This doesn’t cut it with me because the symptoms he had were for one Spleen damage which is always found around nuclear events and the radiation left overs where ever its carried. He would not get that corrected unless he’d done serious hollistic work on the body and I doubt that has occurred. He may just be someone trying to look good who’s just been researching 9/11 or quite simply he could be yet another man-in-the-middle actor put forth to fool the people. He may well be genuine but today I find we can hardly trust even the alternative media anymore. Remembering most of it is funded by the Catholics and their hofjudens and nothing more than the American Protection League continuum. Always think before getting excited about new information like this. I believe Dimtri Khalezov is absolutely spot on. This is why Alex Jones and other well knowns haven’t touched his work because the truth is they’re APL continuum and its Council for National Policy. Anyone claiming to speak the truth and to expose the New World Order but yet shuns someone like Khalezov well theres something wrong. Of course they’ll give you a lame excuse as to why if pushed but its pretty obvious if you use a level head. I do not deny a level of explosives within the building levels but I still believe the main destruction was bought about by two 150kt nuclear devices buried 50 meters below the foundations of the buildings in the granite rock. Before foolish people run off at the mouth about the typical anti-nuclear attempts to debunk well please do your homework before mouthing off nonsense and aiding the cover-up.

    -=The Unhived Mind

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