New documentary explores the “liberty movement” and aftermath of the Ron Paul Revolution

New documentary explores the “liberty movement” and aftermath of the Ron Paul Revolution

Friday, September 25, 2015 by: Phil Pepin

There have been a number of documentaries made that focus on Ron Paul. One effort that is
underway by radio personality Charles Goyette, is the only one authorized by Ron Paul himself. To my knowledge there has not been a serious documentary film made that focuses on the people who were involved in the grassroots effort known as the Ron Paul Revolution. That is until now.

“Liberty” is a new documentary in production that tells the story from the perspective
of the people involved in that grassroots effort. It explores how it expanded into the liberty movement. In a recent interview on my show Pursuit of Freedom, director Neil Radimaker and producer Jeremiah Rounds explain how this documentary is unique. They will have extensive interviews and footage collected during a 30-day road-trip style production It will be divided into three chapters. The past, present and future of the liberty movement.

The professional resume of both Neil Radimaker and Jeremy Rounds, is impressive. The production value of the documentary will be top notch. The release date is not set yet, but “Liberty” will
likely be released in early 2016. The the large cast includes people well known to the liberty movement, Tom Woods, Michael Boldin, G Edward Griffin, Ben Swann, and Adam Kokesh, to name a few.

Theofficial website is

There is aYoutube account for “Liberty” where you can see some same samples of

An effort is underway to fully fund the project. They have an investment page on the website and they have created a Kickstarter account.

Phil Pepin
Host of Pursuit of Freedom
Airs Wednesdays 12:00pm EST

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  • theunhivedmind

    Don’t be fooled into becoming a Paultard as in Ron Paul retard! Ron Paul is a farce like most of the Libertarian movement. Ron Paul will never speak about 9/11 because Ron Paul is a controlled opposition puppet for the Zionists. Scottish Rite connected Ron Paul has been put in front of the controlled alternative media in order to fool the people. Ron Paul will always run from any questions on 9/11 and he’s even slagged off people who question 9/11. Why would he dodge any 9/11 questions? Would it be the same reason why his son Rand Paul does exactly the same thing? Who’s his son? Rand Paul is mastered by both the New Venice Empire (Britain) and its Likud terrorist power based in Israel. Rand Paul has pledged his loyalty to Israel and he’s funded by the Zionists. Rand Paul shows his loyalty to terrorist Benjamin Netanyahu as evident in the warmongers Congress speech. How’s about Rand Paul being a member of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry the very same Masons who were behind the slaughter of Kennedy using Permanent Industrial Expositions at Dealey Plazza right near the Rite’s Temple in Dallas. The Paul family are nothing more than a dog and poney show for the gullible. Why would anyone who claims to be against war and elitism end up continuuing to be part of the Republican Party which is the worse of the New Venice Empire terrorists in the United States? Look at the Republican Party’s view on the Vienna Accord with Iran and think about it.

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    `·-☆ The Unhived Mind

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