New POISON pill to keep you slim


Millions of overweight Britons could benefit from a new wonder diet pill

Monday December 19,2011
By Mark Reynolds

MILLIONS of overweight Britons could benefit from a new wonder diet pill which switches off appetite without any side effects.

Scientists are close to developing the drug which will help combat the growing obesity epidemic with some 15 million in the UK now falling into that category.

Clinical trials of the new compound are being carried out and early results look promising.

Researchers believe the pill will stop obese people from feeling hungry by mimicking the effect of a hormone that switches off appetite and the pleasure associated with eating.

Tam Fry, spokesman for the National Obesity Forum, welcomed the progress being made in the hunt for a drug that stops people feeling hungry without negative side effects.

“Using these hormones to try to treat the overweight has to be the way forward because they are having an effect on the brain,” said Mr Fry.

Using these hormones to try to treat the overweight has to be the way forward because they are having an effect on the brain

“We think this approach offers the prospect of the breakthrough we need.

“We just have to hope it doesn’t take too long to get one of them on the market.” Scientists at pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, the company that enjoyed huge success with the anti-impotence drug Viagra, are carrying out trials on the new dieting compound which has been codenamed OAP-189.

It is understood to be a synthetic version of a hormone called oxyntomodulin, the appetite-reducing effects of which were discovered by researchers at Imperial College London.

Stephen Bloom, professor of investigative medicine at Imperial College and head of the team that made the oxyntomodulin discovery, said: “We could mimic the dramatic weight loss achieved with stomach bypass surgery by giving people gut-hormone derived therapies.
“Take away hunger, food is not attractive – take away pleasure, people stop eating.”

There are drugs on the market which suppress appetite in the form of Xenical and Alli, but they have limited use because of unpleasant side effects such as diarrhoea.

Pfizer hopes the new drug, which could be available on prescription or sold in shops within three years, will be free from such effects. And there is hope it will help address the UK’s spiralling obesity problem.

One in four adults and more than one in 10 children, aged 2 to 10, are now classed as obese.

The condition – which increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer – costs the NHS £5.1billion a year.

A spokesman for Pfizer said: “We are not able to confirm the extent of our involvement or work in this area.”

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  • What we have is The Worshipful Company of World Traders peddling chemicals and poisons in the junk food thats also lacking in nutrition. You then have The Worshipful Company of Apothecaries put out the propaganda against saturated fats and the real healthy foods we need daily for proper functioning. On top of this you have The Worshipful Company of Fuellers putting the background radiation levels up far too high all on purpose to meet the needs desired in the classified theses by Audrey Tomason for using nuclear radiation for human population reduction in accordance with the needs wished by the Club of Rome and it’s Global 2000 Report. This is all funded of course by The Worshipful Company of Mercers. Until the poisons and the GMO foods are removed the obesity problem will only get worse and especially when people stop eating saturated fats and replace them with simple sugars etc. Its obvious whats happening. Then you have a biological weapon called Adenovirus 36 which can add weight onto you. All these problems create Spleen dysfunction which leads to weight gain, remember radiation always damages the Spleen. All these other pharmalogical dieting pills have created serious Liver damage amongst other side-effects, they’re quackery and very dangerous. You must not use anything like this. What these cretins want is a dumb society that does at its told, eats what slop its fed and then takes the drugs its told to take. This then creates profits towards the GDP as manufacturing is removed and the economy relies on consumerism, statute fines for almost anything and pharmaceutical illness industry. Works out just nicely for them and then they get you in the wooden box quicker which will suit idiot Malthusians like Audrey Tomason, Jonathon Porrit and Ted Turner.

    -=The Unhived Mind

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