Yet more anti-homoeopathic propaganda from the mainstream media!

Notice how they will never tell you that the Queen of Great Britain and families like the Rockefeller’s all use homoeopathy because it is the only true cure for ailments. The pharmaceutical industry do not cure they look to manage and create further disease with dangerous poisons most of which are useless for disease management like Tamiflu but make for excellent disease creators through poisoning. Not only is homoeopathy a threat for obvious reasons but it can counter many chemicals and things like X-ray radiation. Therefore the establishments population reduction methods can and may be countered by dilution and potentizing compounds into homoeopathic remedies.

If you listen to these mainstream propaganda whores working for The Worshipful Company of Apothecaries/Barbers then all you will hear is the term placebo. Why is it that no one ever brings up the fact that animals cannot have placebos and do not know what they are being given. So then why do animals including hard to treat farm animals get cured and protected from illness and disease which then saves the farmers a lot of money they would have had to spend on expensive pharmaceutical quackery poisons.

The Livery of the City of London pirates love to attack homoeopathy because it is the greatest threat to their disease creation and management system (medical quackery establishment) which itself is a sham. They prey on homoeopathy because they know most of their dumbed down herd sheople are not clever enough to think about and understand energetic medicine. The Worshipful Company of Apothecaries/Barbers have tried attacking homoeopathy for centuries and failed! These pirates employed Constantine Hering to attack homoeopathy and instead after using homoeopathy on himself, he ended up following, promoting and becoming on of the top homoeopaths in the world. Now the population are far more uneducated due to Common Core and Outcome Based education systems, the Apothecaries/Barbers pirates think they now have a chance at removing the competition. I should also point out that a lot of NHS homoeopaths are very allopathic minded and thus they do not practice homoeopathy properly and who would that suit I wonder? Secondly I should point out that snake oil originally came from the Rockefeller family and not the so-called alternative medicine world. It is okay for them to use homoeopathy and herbal medicines but its not okay for you! Again ask yourself why they never talk about the Queen and her physician Dr Peter Fisher or the animals being treated by homoeopathy!

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Here are the latest propaganda pieces and both from the Guardian which should tell you something about them:

Jeremy Hunt asked medical chief to look at studies backing homeopathy

Health secretary passed studies funded by homeopathic firm to Prof Dame Sally Davies, emails show
Rowena Mason, political correspondent, Thursday 8 May 2014 12.31 BST

The health secretary, Jeremy Hunt, asked the chief medical officer to review three industry-funded studies in favour of homeopathy, emails released under freedom of information laws have revealed.

The emails show the health secretary asked Prof Dame Sally Davies to look at three studies funded by Laboratoires Boiron, the world’s biggest producer of homeopathic products.

When he was appointed health secretary in 2011, medics raised questions over Hunt’s previous comments about the value of homeopathy, which is considered by scientists to be medically ineffective. In a letter to a constituent in 2007, he said homeopathic care was “enormously valued by thousands of people” and suggested it should continue to be offered by England’s health service.

The emails, first reported by BuzzFeed, show Hunt wrote to Davies in December 2013 asking her to review the reports and a letter from his office to a third party said it was “important we do not discount different methods of treatment if they prove to be effective”. However, the chief medical officer replied that it was “difficult to draw useful conclusions” from two of the trials and a third had problems with its scientific method.

Sources close to the health secretary said Hunt had simply been passing on the reports to the chief medical officer after they were given to him by an MP. “He does not express an opinion on homeopathy and he is not an advocate,” one source said. “An MP gave Jeremy these reports and asked him to look into them. Because he does not have an opinion, he passed them on to the chief medical officer and asked her to look into them. He was just the conduit. He expressed the chief medical officer’s opinion when he wrote back to the MP.”

NHS trusts are free to fund homeopathic treatments if they wish, although use of the alternative medicine has been widely discredited. Last month, a study by Australian scientists concluded that homeopathy was no more effective than a placebo.

The draft paper by Australia’s National Health and Medical Research Council assessed research into the effectiveness of the alternative medicine on 68 health conditions and found was “no reliable evidence that homeopathy is effective”.

Homeopathy is claimed to “let likes cure like” by using highly diluted forms of the ailment it is treating. “No good-quality, well-designed studies with enough participants for a meaningful result reported either that homeopathy caused greater health improvements than a substance with no effect on the health condition (placebo), or that homeopathy caused health improvements equal to those of another treatment,” the report’s summary said.

Homeopathy awareness can make the world a healthier, happier place

Apr 11 2014

As anyone who has explained homeopathic dilution to an incredulous colleague will attest, raising awareness of homeopathy is the quickest way to dispel any belief in it

World Homeopathy Awareness Week – the annual promotional campaign organised by homeopaths around the world – kicked off on Thursday. This year, rather than ignore it, moan about it or condemn it, scientists and sceptics alike should join in.

This may seem somewhat perverse – especially given the comprehensive evisceration of homeopathy earlier this week at the hands of the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council, which concluded “there is no reliable evidence that homeopathy is effective”. Yet what homeopaths are seeking – attention and awareness – is precisely what they ought to avoid. As anyone who has explained the baffling process of homeopathic dilution to an incredulous colleague will attest, raising awareness of homeopathy is by far the quickest way to dispel any belief in it.

With this in mind, the Good Thinking Society (a charity that promotes rational thinking) has launched its own homeopathy awareness week website: The site highlights 12 points that homeopaths seem surprisingly unwilling to make people aware of, including examples of where homeopathy has seriously harmed patients.

Apologists for homeopathy will argue that because the pills contain nothing but sugar, they can’t be harmful. While their chemistry may be accurate, their conclusion certainly isn’t. For example, there is the case of Penelope Dingle, a bowel cancer patient in Australia who followed the advice of her homeopath husband, and as a result suffered a painful and unnecessary death.

Equally tragic is the story of Gloria Thomas, a baby whose homeopathically treated eczema became so badly infected that it led to her death at the age of nine months. The public should also be aware that homeopaths often offer ineffective homeopathic “alternatives” to vaccines that put children at risk of serious disease. You won’t find these stories on any other homeopathy awareness websites.

It is alarming to note that homeopaths around the world are right now claiming to treat a range of serious conditions, such as malaria, AIDS and even the Ebola virus. Indeed, Homeopaths Without Borders – a group of doubtlessly well-meaning folk – are flying into places of crisis in the developing world carrying suitcases full of homeopathic tablets that contain nothing but sugar. It is not so much Médecins Sans Frontières as Médecins Sans Medicine.

Of course, belief in homeopathy isn’t merely a curio found exclusively on foreign soil – it is well represented, for example, on the shelves of high street pharmacies in the UK. Boots – the company whose otherwise excellent reputation made it the target of demonstrations against homeopathy in 2010 – still unapologetically stocks homeopathic products on its shelves in thousands of stores up and down the country.

Fortunately, there are positive signs. In 2010, when I first became involved in alternative health activism, the NHS funded no fewer than five homeopathic hospitals; today all have either closed or faced a serious threat to their existence. Recent figures, obtained through a freedom of information request by the Nightingale Collaboration, show an encouraging swing away from homeopathy, with prescriptions falling from a high of 170,000 per annum in 1996 to just over 10,000 last year.

Clearly, demand is falling. Supply, too, is on shaky ground. When Nelson’s homeopathic pharmacy – sugar pill supplier of choice for Boots and Holland & Barrett – explored the possibility of exporting to the US, the resulting FDA inspection reached a startling conclusion. According to the report, the succussion process (the vigorous shaking that apparently activates the “vibrational memory” of water) meant that in one out of every six homeopathic vials observed, the magical drop of homeopathic liquid missed the sugar pills entirely.

“The active ingredient was instead seen dripping down the outside of the vial assembly. [Nelson’s] lacked controls to ensure that the active ingredient is delivered to every bottle.”

In other words, one in six vials of homeopathic pills from the largest supplier of high street homeopathy contain no homeopathy at all. That no consumers seem to have noticed speaks volumes for the efficacy of homeopathy.

Perhaps most surprising and encouraging of all is just how mainstream this discussion has become. Homeopathy is now the butt of mainstream comedians’ jokes and TV sketch shows, and homeopaths have become a watchword for anachronistic thinking, overtaking the Flat Earthers. And, judging by the responses on Twitter to our homeopathy awareness website, these days almost everyone has their own “homeopathy is useless” gag.

So, I say: bring on greater awareness … but awareness in its truest sense. Awareness that homeopathy has no scientific basis, is a waste of your money and has the potential for great harm. If we can continue to spread this kind of awareness, we’ll consign homeopathy to the history books where it belongs.


  • theunhivedmind

    11 April 2014 3:04pm

    There is a concerted campaign in the media to denigrate all alternatives to drugs, including homeopathy, herbalism and vitamin supplements. The so called ‘free press’ and the media generally (like the political establishment) are controlled largely by the all-powerful pharmaceutical and agricultural industries, which are intent on foisting highly toxic drugs and foods on an unsuspecting public, while eliminating the competition. So called ‘iatrogenic disease’ (illness cause by the medical profession, of which drugs are the major factor) constitutes the 3rd biggest killer next to heart disease and cancer, and in reality it may well be the most important threat to human health, given that the facts are continually being manipulated by our corrupt media. Scientists can be hired to come up with any desired conclusion, since he who pays the piper calls the tune, and on the rare occasions when those scientists display some integrity, the industry cherry picks its data accordingly.

    11 April 2014

    Yet another callow opinion piece bashing Homeopathy. 2nd largest system of medicine in the world today. Growing at 30%a year worldwide. Hmm. Patients embracing it in larger numbers. Hmm. No complaints except from people who are more interested in propaganda than facts and are oblivious to the obvious harms of chemical drugs and the fact that only 30% of con med treatments are backed by quality research in that system.

    11 April 2014 3:16pm

    We used Calendula(Marigold) cream for our baby’s bottom nappy rash.

    It worked every time.

    Another pointless attack on Homeopathy with nothing but vested interests behind the article. With the government recently wasting a huge amount of our tax money on a useless flu drug, the drug and medical establishment are each day losing the public faith and rightly so.

    11 April 2014 3:19pm

    It amazes me how scathing otherwise reasonable people become when alternative medicine, especially homeopathy, is raised as a subject. Most people who use alternative medicine are chronically ill and have already tried everything orthodox medicine has to throw at them without adequate benefit, or with unpleasant and lasting side effects. My sister was one such. Dying of cancer, after all the orthodox treatment which could be mustered (a 12 hour operation followed by horrendously painful radiotherapy), she tried an alternative treatment (mistletoe, which interestingly is widely used in Germany to treat cancer). The mistletoe didn’t miraculously cure her (no-one suggested it would), but it did reduce her pain and lifted her mood quite significantly towards the end of her life. Placebo or something else, who knows. But she was fully entitled to make that choice without suffering scorn or contempt on top of terminal illness.

    11 April 2014

    The usual childish polemic based on generalisation of horror stories.

    Try reading Prescription for Murder The true story of Dr Harold Shipman. Shipman was a British GP, That is what they are like isn’t it? The man was able to get away with mass murder for years and the medical establishment didn’t even notice. Not a single peep from the wallies of the Sceptical Science corner.

    Of course this line of argument is just stupid.

    The fact is that homeopathy is a well established school of medicine, which originated in Germany. Thousands of doctors and consultants are trained in it on courses organised by the German eqivalent of Medical Councils. my health insurance company, the TK is happy to pay for homeopathic treatments, as they have followed up 30000 cases and found that this is a cost effective and succesful form of treatment.

    These doctors have hospitals of the highest standard way beyond most of what you get at the NHS.

    As usual, when you scratch the evidence presented by sceptics, you find absurd holes. The Australian Study referred to here was NOT carried out by the Australian NHMRC. That claim is complete bullshit. The study was carried out by a private company, OPCOM, and the authors are not even named. No peer-review of course, this is true sceptical science, high on polemic and full rubbish.

    Meanwhile honest scientists like the homeopath Dr Friel in Basel are shamlessly labelled as Quacks and his double blind study with a 95% confidence level is rubbished. At the same time, Big Pharma is allowed to experiment with untested Ritalin therapies on children, the very reason why Friel did his work.

    The Guardian is hosting the voice of ignorance again, nothing unusual about that.

    11 April 2014 4:02pm

    Surely the biggest drawback of homeopathy is that there is no money to be made with it. Had the woman with bowel cancer had conventional treatment, her death would have been no less painful, but a lot more profitable.

    I think much worse is perpetrated by Big Pharma than by homeopaths. Someone dies of the papilloma vaccine, and this is seen as unfortunate, but is acceptable because, apparently, others will not die. Someone dies because their globuli didn’t work, and thus homeopathy should be forbidden.

    If homeopathy is not effective, if it is useless, why do you take it so seriously? “Because people are dying”, I hear you say. Well people die of their conventional medicine as well. Or get crippled for life.
    I bet you haven’t even looked into the theory behind homeopathy.

    08 May 2014 1:14pm

    Here we go again homoeopathy bashing,without any knowledge about it,s efficacy. You read a report so it must be true. Eminent doctors and vets use it,it is relatively cheap to buy so no big pharma profits, what a shame.

    08 May 2014 2:53pm

    Another attack on Homeopathy and alternative medicine using the cover of politics ,just to give the attack a bit more fire.

    The real reason for this attack is that Big pharma drug sales are dropping because everybody is realizing how corrupt our medical system has become.Didn’t they just waste 350 million pounds of our tax money on a useless flu medicine . Tamiflu I believe was the name.

    A good homeopath can do wonders for people. As for alternative medicine , they performed an open heart surgery in China using acupuncture as a replacement for the anesthesia for the surgery.

    There are many benefits of Homeopaths and alternative medicine as long as the practitioner is well qualified and experienced.

  • theunhivedmind

    Now folks here is another example of nonsense this time on the Pubmed website. You cannot measure a single particle of the original compound in a homoeopathic preparation especially at this dosage mentioned. So tell me how they can claim that arsenic levels were elevated in the homoeopathic remedy. So these supposed remedies used were not homoeopathic remedies. We have to keep to attention of detail when monitoring these nefarious big pharma deviants.

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    Arsenic toxicity from homeopathic treatment.

    Chakraborti D1, Mukherjee SC, Saha KC, Chowdhury UK, Rahman MM, Sengupta MK.

    Author information


    Homeopathic medicine is commonly believed to be relatively harmless. However, treatment with improperly used homeopathic preparations may be dangerous.


    Case 1 presented with melanosis and keratosis following short-term use of Arsenic Bromide 1-X followed by long-term use of other arsenic-containing homeopathic preparations. Case 2 developed melanotic arsenical skin lesions after taking Arsenicum Sulfuratum Flavum-1-X (Arsenic S.F. 1-X) in an effort to treat his white skin patches. Case 3 consumed Arsenic Bromide 1-X for 6 days in an effort to treat his diabetes and developed an acute gastrointestinal illness followed by leukopenia, thrombocytopenia, and diffuse dermal melanosis with patchy desquamation. Within approximately 2 weeks, he developed a toxic polyneuropathy resulting in quadriparesis. Arsenic concentrations in all three patients were significantly elevated in integument tissue samples. In all three cases, arsenic concentrations in drinking water were normal but arsenic concentrations in samples of the homeopathic medications were elevated.


    Arsenic used therapeutically in homeopathic medicines can cause clinical toxicity if the medications are improperly used.

  • theunhivedmind

    “My discovery dates back to 2005 when I gave Arnica 6c to a retired doctor (MBBS) who was suffering from a non healing wound in his toe due to advanced Type I Diabetes for which he was taking 5 shots of Insulin daily. He phoned me after taking 2 doses overnight and informed me that his BS had dropped down to a level which he could not fathom. He added that he was not taking the Arnica anymore as he suspected that it was some form of ‘witchcraft’ and he did not wish to subject his body to this unknown therapy. I reassured him that I too was taking the same Homeopathic remedy nightly and that I owed my relatively healthy life to Arnica. He refused to continue with taking the Arnica and passed away due to advanced Diabetes and a non healing wound, which necessitated the amputation of his toe” -Joe Delivera

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