Staff are now undergoing training for the Queen’s death

Monday October 31,2011

BBC presenters are being trained how to announce the Queen’s death to avoid gaffes.

Newsreader Peter Sissons sparked outrage in 2002 by wearing a burgundy tie while announcing the death of the Queen Mother.

Critics said it showed a terrible lack of judgement by the BBC.

Staff are now undergoing training for the Monarch’s death with the Corporation holding courses for “class one” royal deaths, which would also include Prince Charles and Prince William.

Sombre clothing is being kept in cupboards so newsreaders can quickly change if such an announcement is made. The BBC said it would be “inappropriate” to discuss further details.

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  • Something suspicious is happening I believe and I wouldn’t be surprised if Elizabeth Mary II is sacrificed next year in 2012 in another occult ritual palmed off as a natural or normal everyday event. Notice the changes in the succession just now created. Notice the hints about feminine Queens in line equally with masculines. I believe the first child of William and Kate will be a feminine, they’re hinting this is their plan. I wouldn’t be surprised when this happens if all three are killed or both Charles and William to bring her on the throne and you can bet your life she’ll marry a Catholic and produce a overt Catholic monarchy again and well kiss your ass goodbye even further in this counter-Reformation.

    -=The Unhived Mind

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