Nigel Farage in running for ‘alternative Nobel prize for European freedom’

Nigel Farage in running for ‘alternative Nobel prize for European freedom’

Published time: 23 Sep, 2016 13:16

Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage is set to speak at an ‘alternative Nobel Prize’ ceremony in Stockholm, organized by the far-right Sweden Democrats, where he is expected to win an award.

The nationalist party has hired out Stockholm’s Grand Hotel for the ‘European Freedom Awards’ in November, the Swedish newspaper Expressen reports.

Far-right politicians from a dozen countries are thought to be in the running for the award, including Farage, one of the pilots of Britain’s successful Brexit campaign.

The prize will be given to someone who has contributed to the “political pursuit of increased national self-determination, democracy and influence for citizens in Europe.”

Sweden Democrats (SD) leader Mattias Karlsson said the winner is someone who is not just a clear opponent of the EU, but someone who has “done something extraordinary.”

About 400 guests will be invited to the event, including what the Sweden Democrats describe as “our friend parties in Europe” and “other parties like us.”

NATO representatives and several US politicians have also been invited.

According to Expressen, the bill will be footed by European think tank IDDE (Institute for Direct Democracy in Europe) and pan-European party ADDE (Alliance for Direct Democracy in Europe), which both SD and UKIP are members of.

Farage reportedly has a plan to tour European countries this autumn in an attempt to encourage more independence referendums.

Growing anti-EU sentiment has been seen in Austria, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, France and Italy in recent months.

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