Nigel Farage vs. Tony Blair FULL VERSION

Published on 2 Mar 2012 by Euroflotsam

David and Goliath front off at the end of His Tonyness’ presidency of the European Council in Dec. 2005.

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    First of all why is this war criminal crusading Knight of Malta Tony Blair doing with his freedom? This Papist crusader should be Lawfully executed after an English Common Law Court trial for his High Treason let alone his war crimes on humanity. The punishment from the real English Court using full Common Law will use pre-1998 changes to the Treason law. The very changes both he and the High Treason Dame of Malta, Elizabeth Mary II changed to make sure they could never be put to death if found out and tried. No its pre-1998 rules Tony Blair and Elizabeth II your treason on England will not be tolerated by the people of this great nation you have attempted to destroy and usurp for the Temporal Power in Vatican City and its master the Curia Generalizia in Borgo Santo Spirito.

    Tony Blair is married into the Illuminized Booth family through Cherie Blair. This family are Catholic criminals who were ordered by their masters at the Curia Generalizia and The Worshipful Company of Mercers to kill the last American President Abraham Lincoln. Why? Well the Mercers had tried it on with Lincoln to take American land but he would not allow this. The Mercers wanted payment for the settlements tied to their Virginia Company of London. Lincoln came up with a plan to pay the New Jerusalem aka City of London vermin back and stop them taking land. He and his advisors decided to dissolve America temporarily and incorporate the United States as a corporate entity. Unfortunately this also temporarily destroyed the peoples’ rights under the American Constitution and Bill of Rights. The people were never told the truth of the matter on this subject and still are not aware of this fact today.

    The Jesuits and Mercers adored this action because now the power of America created by the Founding Fathers was gone. So it made sense for them to have Lincoln executed and keep America killed off and continuum with the corporation. This has happened ever since and will continue to do so. Those who challenge it like U.S. President John F. Kennedy get slaughtered in public as a warning to all others who may challenge the Knights of Malta. Both Lincoln and Kennedy’s assassins were paid through the Bank of Montreal in Quebec run by the Jesuits. Open diplomatic ties with the Vatican were dissolved after the Lincoln assassination. The Knights of Malta through the Deutsche Verteidgungs Dienst bought about the Concordat with the Papacy in 1984 using Knight of Malta Alexander Haig and Knight of Malta George H.W Bush controlling Honorary Knight of Malta, Ronald Reagan. Cherie Blair’s relative John Wilkes Booth slaughtered President Lincoln in cold-blood in 1865.

    I’m curious to know why Tony Blair the war criminal thinks that the Union Jack is the flag of a Country? Its a flag of a Union of once countries and nothing more. The Union Jack is a combination of English, Welsh and Scottish flags as one but not a single country. I’m also interested in why Blair covers up the fact that we have no countries in the western World since they are all now corporations after 1933 when The Worshipful Company of Mercers took everything away from the people even the land or give the illusions they have. Our laws of the land still stand to this very day. The British Constitution still stands to this day! No laws out trump Common Law unless you give them jurisdiction and consent to them. An act of parliament requires the consent of the governed.

    Tony Blair can walk under a whale dung passed last week with a top hat. He is a criminal, sneak and a natural liar. Tony Blair installed George W. Bush into the false Presidency of the United States. Tony Blair sang to the tune of Geoff Hoon representing New Jerusalem so do not think Tony Blair was the Kingpin of the Labour Party because he was not. The same Geoff Hoon tied to the 9/11 attacks with Gapan, UK Ministry of Defence, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Royal Canadian Air Force and Bombardier Master Trust (World’s number one electronic warfare specialist) on behalf of The Worshipful Company of Fuellers run by The Worshipful Company of Mercers. Nothing more than the Livery patent pool aka veiled British Empire continuum serving the even further hidden Roman Empire continuum headed in Borgo Santo Spirito, Vatican City, Rome and Spain.

    Tony Blair used £3 million taken from TheCityUK’s Barclays bank front then laundered this through Humewood British SIS proprietary funds into Bear Stearns in Florida. The very corporate State of Florida which 4th Degree Knight of Columbus, John Bush ran as Governor. These funds were then shipped out to the election officials in the region and Cable News Network run by another Knight of Malta, Ted Turner. This installed Knight of Eulogia, George W. Bush on the throne and kept the Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst Nazis of the Directorate for Intelligence division of the CIA on the throne in the region serving the Russell Trust system of the Mercers and British Intelligence as usual. Tony Blair also had British SIS front, Hill and Knowlton located in Niger, create the false dossier which led to the Iraqi War and of course all tied to the Joint Intelligence Committee. Tony Blair was also involved in the order to assassinate Dr David Kelley and the setting up of Ian Huntley for murderers he did not commit. Blair could not afford people finding out U.S soldiers had committed the murders so it was covered up with the Ian Huntley story in order to make sure Britain could enter the coming planned Iraqi war with the United States.

    May I remind you that during Knight of Malta Tony Blair’s Downing Street time there was an attempt on the life of President Jacque Chirac in the year 2000. This was the same year and exact same time and event when you saw the World’s safest commercial plane attacked called Concorde. The Concorde 4590 attack was not only an attack on France’s aviation industry but it was an attack on Airbus of Europe and an attempted assassination of President Chirac by the Defense Industrial Security Command of Denver, Colorado funded by NASA, FBI Division 5, Boeing and other vermin. Ask yourself why NASA rented a Concordski from Russia at extortionate rates when it could have simply bought a Concorde. Still you’ve seen no replacement for Concorde in a decade. Now we only hear rumours of the X-54 but look who’s behind this new plane and its all the boys of the DISC how shocking. One thing Boeing did by downing Concorde was slow everyones time from Europe to the U.S down but more importantly helped stop Airbus wooing Boeing customers away by flying them on the wonderful Concorde an achievement the U.S had hated from day one. If its Boeing then I am not going…

    -= The Unhived Mind

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