Nine Austrians to attend the secretive Bilderberg conference

Nine Austrians to attend the secretive Bilderberg conference

The President of Austria, Heinz Fischer, banker Rudolf Scholten and seven other Austrians are to attend this year s Bilderberg conference in Tyrol.

Watch an unprecedented interview on mainstream Austrian TV with a pretty shifty looking Rudolf Scholten trying to explain away the secret meeting of the world political and corporate elite as a harmless little gathering here:

Note Scholten s body language, how his eyes are cast downwards. The self -styled elite look singularly lacking in confidence…

Watching this clip makes me feel incredibly hearted. Scholten sure looks like a man who has defeat written all over him. And he s on a key steering committee, so he must know.

Gerhard Wisnewski also notes that German defense minister Ursula von der Leyen has been invited to attend this year s conference, prompting him to speculate that she might be the next Chancellor. Wisnewski notes that almost every German Chancellor attended a Bilderberg meeting prior to their elevation to the highest office in the country.

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