Jim Stone – October 17 2016


Background: Julian is a programmer. That means that before heading to the embassy, Julian, by logic, had a cell phone, a tablet, 3 laptops and a desktop or two. He had, by logic, Internet service from no fewer than three different providers. Perhaps Julian was smart enough to ditch his cell phone as he headed for the embassy, but once there . . . . . .

Julian has a window. A balcony. A direct outside link where you can look right at him. The embassy also has a front door anyone can walk through. Yet after 4 years of getting worldwide attention with Wikileaks, no one brought him a 3g laptop, cell phones, or anything else? OK, I AM GOING TO CUT TO THE CHASE:

I have 3 computing devices and more than 4 cell modems. I have numerous inexpensive servers. Everything is always up all the time, and it is ALL kept running (with the exception of the latest request, which I spent 4 figures on) ALL OF IT is kept running with a donation request of $550 a month, ($6,600 per year) and a reader base of right around 200,000 regulars who hit the site frequently. Actual budget is higher than that, BUT: Assange has a reader base of MILLIONS. He’s in the news ALL THE TIME. Wikileaks has a budget of over $500,000 PER YEAR.

ON A BUDGET OF $500,000 PER YEAR, we are supposed to believe Assange depends on the embassy computers, embassy Internet, a line, which can be cut and that he has no cell phone! COME ON NOW, Assange has other people in his organization that could walk right up to the embassy and give him a laptop, tablet, cell phone, EVERYTHING and HE DOES NOT HAVE ONE? HE IS A COMPUTER PROGRAMMER AND WITH THAT BUDGET HAS NO COMPUTER OF HIS OWN?

Folks that does not wash. OBVIOUSLY ASSANGE IS AS CONNECTED AS THE MATRIX. THEY CANNOT JUST CUT HIS INTERNET. HE HAS A CELL PHONE, WITH INTERNET IF AT WORST he really did just use an embassy computer. HERE’S THE CLINCHER: There is no conceivable way that now that his “Internet has been cut” that somebody did not walk up to the embassy with a 4g connected laptop and hook him right back up. And the embassy has phones, why did he not call out? He has a balcony, with all the hoopla why did he not show his face?

CONCLUSION: ASSANGE IS EITHER ARRESTED, OR PAMELA TOOK HIM OUT, AND NOT ON A DATE. COME ON NOW, the ludicrously of it all is beyond the pale, there is NO FREAKING WAY you could just cut his line and be done with it! And that is precisely why I have stuck with the obvious: He’s not online because he cannot physically be on-line. With all the hoopla he never picked up a phone or walked up to the balcony to say HI? YEAH RIGHT!!!!!! The hoakey bullshit getting spewed is pure comedy!

And if they took Assange out, Wikileaks itself could be commandeered by the enemy with ease, because few people, if anyone at all knows anyone who is actually supposed to be there. You’d never know if it was the real Wikileaks tweeting or communicating anything. So those bases are covered, to fit the official story. Body doubles and computer graphics can handle the rest.

Yeah, I guess a few people will believe the backwater story about his asylum request being ratified today (thus explaining why he won’t be at the embassy anymore) But they already spewed the bullshit about his internet being cut, so the rest is PURE UNADULTERATED BULLSHIT, having an asylum request be granted does not cut you off from the world, we are not getting the truth and anyone who thought for a minute could see it.

After what has happened, I will have a hard time believing any story about Assange still being with us unless it is told from a jail cell. Assange was battling the Bolshevik communists that have run America over. The Clinton death machine. That means that if he ever did see a jail cell it was overwhelmingly probably just to hold him for processing into the after life.

Assange updates:

FORTUNATELY ASSANGE LEFT A WAY TO CONFIRM IF IT IS OVER OR NOT – THE CHECKSUM KEYS. EVERYONE HAS THEM, AND IF THEY WORK, WHATEVER IS VERIFIED BY THEM IS LEGIT. Whatever happened – if he was poisoned, arrested, whatever – even if he pokes his head out the balcony window – there is a way to keep what is credible credible: Either the check sum keys work or they do not. That ought to end the rumors that “those who are saying he is arrested or dead are trolls” that is now taking off on the web. HE LEFT A WAY TO KNOW. SHOW ME. LET’S SEE THE UNLOCKED FILES WORK WITH THE CHECK SUMS POSTED HERE. IF THEY DO NOT AND WE NEVER GET THE ENCRYPTION KEYS TO GO WITH THEM, IF THE ENTIRE PACKAGE DOES NOT WORK,WITH WHAT WE HAVE RIGHT NOW, (plus the decryption keys to come) IF THERE IS EVEN ONE GLITCH THAT STOPS THE RELEASE HE’S DEAD OR SILENCED, AND SAYING SO IS NOT TROLLAGE, PERIOD. NICE TRY WITH THAT ANGLE, CORRECT THE RECORD CAN GO HOME NOW.

RT set up a live feed outside the embassy. Little good that will do, because I do not think he is even there. Last night a security van had the entrance to the embassy blocked and no one saw what was going on.

Today, the FBI released “100 pages” about Hillary. So what. The FBI is trash, 100 pages is not a lot, and all they are doing is using a number that sounds big to childish minds – “100” with the hopes that they will draw the attention away from Assange. My conclusion? The FBI was involved in the take-down of Assange, and now they are going to play a stupid game to try to make themselves look trustworthy and important. There is no conceivable reason for them to have released anything at all today if they themselves were not involved with what happened last night and they want people to start looking away.

I am confident at this point that the decryption keys were released, and it was all blocked, stopped, and shut down by the U.S. government. I am confident at this time that there will be no more. “They” own the web, and when things get serious enough, they can do whatever they want. Nothing more of substance will be had. I believe it is over.

The election will be stolen, and people will be silenced. Every time I got onto something this morning, my Internet suddenly shut off. I could not do anything of substance while it really mattered, and now it miraculously works perfect. They got the job done, contained the problem and it is OVER. There will be no decryption keys. The files will remain a mystery and get debunked by trolls, it is OVER.

FOLKS, I SERIOUSLY DOUBT THEY CUT ASSANGES INTERNET. BECAUSE IF THEY CUT IT, THE DEAD MAN SWITCHES MIGHT HAVE ALL GONE OFF AND THEY DID NOT WANT THAT. Now it is all contained and under control. GAME OVER. Hillary got the job done. How could Assange have given the message that the Internet got cut anyway? That would not be possible, it would just suddenly be gone, leaving no way for him to say it was gone. The Internet story is probably a ruse, cover for something else that happened.

Time for lead.

I had an Internet outage this morning, back up now (for who knows how long) and I am trying to debunk/confirm what I have posted below about Assange.

The Internet outage was suspicious and the site appears to be getting messed with but I can’t seem to pin anything down. Obviously someone has taken action – RT’s bank accounts have been frozen for no reason, Assange is either dead or arrested (I’m not buying the “they cut his Internet” ruse) and I have had a mountain of problems staying on-line and keeping errors off the web site. Who knows what problems others are having but I imagine I am not the only one having a rough day.

I am keeping an eye on the leading edge sources for any updates on Assange.

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