Norwegian doctor urges removal of Gaza blockade

Norwegian doctor urges removal of Gaza blockade

Fri Aug 29, 2014 9:28AM GMT

A Norwegian doctor who served Palestinians during the recent Israeli onslaught on the Gaza Strip has urged the removal of the Israeli blockade on the coastal enclave, Press TV reports.

“All of these injuries, every single death is man-made and totally avoidable,” Dr. Mads Gilbet told Press TV during a gathering in South Africa’s capital, Cape Town.

“So every time I gave an interview about Gaza and I was asked what is needed, I said don’t send syringes, don’t send medical teams, don’t send bandages, stop the bombing, lift the siege and give the Palestinian people human rights and protection from occupants. That is at the end of day the most important medical effort to save lives in Gaza,” he added.

During the gathering, Gilbert gave South Africans a first-hand account of the Gazans’ plight and urged action in support of the Palestinians.

South Africans also showed their solidarity with the Palestinians, saying they are planning to send ambulances and medical supplies to the impoverished Gaza Strip.

Gilbet, who is a strong supporter of the international “boycott Israel” campaign, says that, as world powers still turn a blind eye to the Israeli war crimes, it is only the people of the world who can force the Tel Aviv regime to end its atrocities against the Palestinians.

On Tuesday, Palestinian resistance groups and Israeli officials clinched a deal on a permanent ceasefire in the blockaded Gaza Strip, which is home to around 1.8 million Palestinians. The ceasefire stipulates the ease of Israel’s seven-year-old blockade of Gaza as well as the provision of a guarantee that Palestinian demands will be met.

Palestinian resistance movement Hamas said the deal marks a victory.

Israel launched military strikes against Gaza in early July. At least 2,140 Palestinians, including around 570 children, were killed in the Israeli onslaught on Gaza. Some 11,000 others were wounded.

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