Now they’re warning you to stay clear of white rice due to diabetes


White rice is now a staple in our diet

Friday March 16,2012
By Jo Willey Health Correspondent

REGULARLY eating white rice can increase the risk of developing diabetes, experts warned last night.

The staple food, eaten by millions of Britons every day, raises the chance of getting type 2 diabetes, which is linked to obesity and poor diet.

The average Briton consumes nearly 10lb of rice a year, mainly as an accompaniment to curry.

And 95 per cent of the £900million of rice sold is the white variety, rather than the healthier brown.

Researchers at Harvard School of Public Health, in Boston, America, said that people from China and Japan have a much higher white rice intake than those in the West, averaging three to four servings a day, compared with our one or two servings a week.

But even for Western populations with lower rice intakes, the researchers said: “Relatively high white rice consumption may still modestly increase the risk of diabetes.”

Writing in the British Medical Journal, the authors concluded: “We found that higher rice consumption was associated with a significantly elevated risk of type 2 diabetes.”
95 per cent of the £900million of rice sold is the white variety, rather than the healthier brown

The condition is up to six times more common in South Asian communities than in the general UK population and three times more common among people of African and African-Caribbean origin.

The Harvard team looked at two studies involving 350,000 people.

They took into account a variety of factors such as people’s weight, how much exercise they took and dietary issues such as red meat and alcohol intake.

All the people were free from diabetes at the start of the studies.

Over the next four to 22 years, around 13,200 of them developed the condition.

Previous studies suggest eating healthier brown rice may modestly decrease the risk of type 2 diabetes. But the authors said larger studies were needed to look at any benefits of substituting brown rice for white.

White rice is the main type of rice eaten worldwide and has high GI (glycaemic index) values.

High GI diets are associated with an increased risk of type 2 diabetes.

A previous study has shown that replacing a third of a typical serving of white rice with brown would lower the risk by 16 per cent.

Dr Katarina Kos, senior lecturer at the Peninsula College of Medicine & Dentistry in Plymouth, said: “The authors found that with each serving of white rice the relative risk of type 2 diabetes increases.

“Rice is the typical carbohydrate which accompanies meals, especially in Asian populations.

“The more rice/starchy food we have, the more likely we will also be to eat more of everything else.

“Diabetic patients are typically overweight if not obese. All of us should consider carefully whether we need a second helping.”

In an accompanying editorial to the report in the BMJ, Dr Bruce Neal, of the University of Sydney, said more and bigger studies were needed.

Catherine Collins, principal dietician at St George’s Hospital, London, said: “The review findings suggested that the risk of developing type 2 diabetes was higher in the Asian population but whether this was due to higher daily intakes of rice or to genetic predisposition could not be determined from this research.”

Dr Iain Frame, of Diabetes UK, said: “Previous research in this area has not provided conclusive results and it is a difficult area to conduct research because no single type of food is directly linked or associated with development of type 2 diabetes.”


    May I remind you that a very large percentage of rice today is now genetically modified and will soon be as bad as Soy where you’ll never know what is and what is not contaminated with the Monsanto GMO poison. So if white rice was really causing diabetes then you’d look at this angle first if you were genuinely concerned.

    White rice whilst having a glycemic index issue actually does not act as people are led to believe in this arena. If someone is having a problem with diabetes or very close to having diabetes then the white rice may and only just may cause a problem. Where do the diabetes issues stem from? The Pancreas are they not? Well the Pancreas will have a harder time if you consume brown rice than white rice from a strain point of view. So in some circumstances brown rice is not the answer and white rice is far better in those few circumstances. The problem we have is that diabetes is stemming from Spleen dysfunction which controls the Stomach and Pancreas. Diabetes is also a problem of Kidney dysfunction which happens usually because the Spleen function has weakened or sometimes even gone over in action which over time will again lead to depletion through over-stress of the organ.

    Now if one studies White Rice they will see that it actually aids Spleen function as do almost all rice out there and some which also aid other areas such as the Kidney and the Heart whilst all of them aid the Stomach. You need to have a proper understanding of the body and health whilst understanding how although one product can be good for another issue, in some cases it still may not be able to be used.

    At the end of the day this article above is nonsense as usual and ignorant of the many other factors hindering health right now such as high background radiation which is really causing a problem for diabetes around the World especially in India and China. Why do you think today the Department of Defense is so closely tied to the medical establishment controlled by The Worshipful Company of Apothecaries and The Worshipful Company of Barbers? Today The Worshipful Company of Mercers do not like you focusing on the chemical side of the disease but they certainly do not like you studying the radiation side. I should point out that the current U.S. Director for Counter Terrorism Audrey Tomason wrote a thesis which is now classified. Why is it classified? The reason is simply because her writings have been put into action which make use of nuclear weaponry to create a background radiation enough to supposedly humanely depopulate the planet. You will not all die quickly as in a nuclear blast directed at your City but the background radiation will dramatically lower your lifespan and hinder your health throughout your life.

    A lot of the so-called foods today are not fit for man or beast and many of them destroy Spleen function such as Soy and vegetable oils. This is why we have an epidemic of obesity, fatigue, body filth, low immunity and thyroid problems. This aids control of the populous through addiction and reliance on pharmaceutical drugs whilst making profits from quack dangerous operations like gastric bands and other hideous actions of this demonic crowd.

    Far Eastern civilizations have been eating rice for thousands of years with no problems. Why have they not mentioned the fructose corn syrup in all the beverages and foods creating type II diabetes extremely quickly? This article above is yet again misinformation whilst the real causes of the problems today are ignored on purpose. Call this article a man-in-the-middle attack on rice, it’s that simple. If you want to know one of the most powerful free-radical scavenging foods then I suggest you look at black glutinous rice and some of its compounds within.

    If you are still struggling to understand whats happening today and why then I have a simple answer for you. It will mean your denial system may come into play and you will have to deal with that side. If you can do this and defeat the denial side whilst being mentally able to cope with dark facts then you will see clearly at last. Theres a population reduction agenda at work right now and has been for quite some time. The masterminds of this population reduction in action is an organization called the Club of Rome which Mikhail Gorbachev fronts for King Juan Carlos of Spain the head of the House of Bourbon and its Global 2000 Report. They utilize groups such as the United Nations to aid the planned genocide but wrap it up in veils like sustainable development so the populace do not cotton on to whats really going on. You have the social engineering and brainwashing of these plans by The Company of Educators and individuals such as George Percy, Jonathon Porritt and Al-Gore Jr. You have organizations like the Optimum Population Trust in Manchester calling for a fifty percent population reduction in the U.K. whilst calling for a thirty-three percent reduction of the U.S. populace. This organization has recently changed its name to Population Matters to again veil their true agenda. The plan is to reduce the Global population by a minimum sixty-five percent by the year 2050. Now you know this dark fact you should be able to piece together the puzzle finally.

    -= The Unhived Mind

    If white rice contributed to developing diabetes II then most of the population of Asia should have had this disease in every century.

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