Nuclear Exit Report to be published by Germany in December

Germany Will Publish Progress Report on Nuclear Exit in December

By Stefan Nicola – Jul 24, 2012 2:56 PM GMT+0100

Germany plans to publish in December a report to monitor progress on its plan to phase out nuclear- energy generation and power a greater share of Europe’s biggest economy from clean-energy.

The economy and environment ministries will publish a more detailed progress report on the energy switch every three years starting in 2014 in a bid “to readjust if necessary” the program, according to a government reply to questions from the opposition Social Democratic Party.

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government has decided to shift energy demand away from nuclear power after the accident in Japan last year. Germany plans to shut its remaining nine reactors by 2022 and raise the share of renewables to at least 35 percent of the power mix by 2020. It’s the biggest overhaul of the nation’s energy infrastructure since World War II.

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  • Nuclear Power: Anathema to the New World Order

    One of the greatest advances made by man was the discovery of nuclear energy as a source of cheap and safe electricity. It promised to transform the world within a time frame of a maximum of three decades. In order to understand world events in both the areas of politics and economics, one must have a thorough understanding of religion and secret societies which play a leading role in world events. Secret societies, more so in 2008 than ever before, greatly influence the course of momentous events. The rich and the powerful belong to secret societies that most ordinary people have never, even heard about, and it comes as a surprise to many to find out that such notable personages the Elizabeth, Queen of England is a member of a number of them, all of which play a big role in shaping the course of events.

    Nuclear power generated electricity is particularly hated by the leaders of secret societies, the men the Bible calls “spiritual men who walk in darkness and whose deeds are evil.” The Bible foreshadowed the coming of plague pandemics such as AIDS and SARS, ordained for the world’s “excess” population diminution by these leaders. Nuclear power is hated by the elite because it brings new hope to millions of people who will aspire to a better life once nuclear power is running and available in every city and town throughout the world. The very poor, the downtrodden and the unwanted see new hope in nuclear generated power, as the book goes to some length to explain, the very thing the Illuminati members are so much against. They don’t want an extension of life for those who would otherwise die at a very early age in such countries and India and China.

    The book makes it clear that if nuclear power is allowed to reach its full capacity and its full promise, the world will take on a new lease of life that will be of unmatched benefit to all people of all nations. It also makes it clear why there are powerful people who see this as an unmitigated disaster and who will do all in their considerable power to prevent nuclear power coming into full flower.

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