Number of Refugees Committing Crimes Surge, Crowding German Prisons

Number of Refugees Committing Crimes Surge, Crowding German Prisons

EUROPE 19:04 02.09.2016

Prisons in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, are overwhelmed due to the influx of refugees, German Minister of Justice Guido Wolf told German newspaper Die Welt.

According to Wolf, the share of refugees arrested for various crimes has grown from 37 percent (from the total number of prisoners) to 44.6 percent over the last two years.

This trend has led to a situation where prisons are now overcrowded and lack places for detainees. Most arrested refugees originally come from Turkey and Romania. A large share of prisoners also includes immigrants from Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco, who are usually accused of theft and involvemwnt in the drug trade.

“At the moment, we have to admit that after the long-lasting decrease, the share of those arrested has again greatly increased due to the number of refugees,” Wolf said.

The official also noted that there are an additional 500 places currently being created across the German federal state of Baden-Württemberg. The annual cost of the measure will amount to almost 26 million euros.

Germany is struggling to find a solution to the massive refugee crisis, with hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing conflict-torn countries in the Middle East and North Africa. In 2015 alone Germany accepted over one million refugees.

According to Wolf, the current situation requires creation of new jobs among the police. Moreover, the Ministry of Justice is currently working on an educational course in law basics which all “refugees who are planning to stay in Germany” will have to attend starting next year.

In Wolf’s opinion, this course should establish the basis for peaceful coexistence between migrants and local residents.

“We must demand from those who want to stay here for a medium or long term the readiness to get acquainted with our rules of the game,” the minister concluded.

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