NYT publishes blatantly racist op-ed from hard left black professor

NYT publishes blatantly racist op-ed from hard left black professor: ‘All white people are racist’ by definition, he ridiculously claims

March 30th, 2016, by newstarget

(NaturalNews) Another day, another hard Left black academic proclaiming that all whites are racist (and, by default, no person of color can be). And, of course, leave it to The New York Times to provide a platform for the blatant, overt, anti-white racism.

As noted by The Daily Caller‘s associate editor, Scott Greer, the latest bash at white people was published on Christmas Eve, a time that is normally reserved for happiness, joy, and healing.

In a piece entitled, Dear White America (can you even imagine the Times running a piece by a white conservative academic entitled, “Dear Black America”?), the open letter by George Yancy, a professor of philosophy at Emory University who specializes in being racist under the guise of a course of study called “Critical Whiteness Studies,” proceeded to do what all anti-white screeds before his have done: Create a stereotype of white people that, if being done to blacks would make their heads explode (and be just as wrong, by the way).

“If you are white and you are reading this letter, I ask that you don’t run to seek shelter from your racism,” Yancy writes. “Being neither a ‘good’ white person nor a liberal white person will get you off the proverbial hook.”

You’re white, therefore you are racist

According to this race philosophy expert, every minority in America – the most diverse bastion of freedom on the planet – is forced to live under the “yoke of whiteness.” What is more, he insists that every white person perpetuates this racist environment simply by existing.

“As you reap comfort from being white,” he writes, “we suffer for being black and people of color.”

[For the record, he also admits to being “sexist” not because he actually hates women or seeks to oppress them, but merely because he is a man.]

Like other black academics and civil rights leaders, Yancy argues that the American system was only built – and continues to exist as is – for the benefit of white people, and for that all whites share in the alleged cruelty being heaped on persons of color.

And he believes that anything that blacks may do wrong, such as committing crimes, rioting, destruction of private property and even armed action, call all be excused and then summarily blamed on this inherently racist, white-centric system unjustly imposed on the African-American community.

What’s more, Yancy fancies himself as a philosopher king, writing letters that bear unseen “gifts” he says white folk are liable to miss, and what’s more, that’s their fault as well.

“There are those who will say, ‘Yancy is just an angry black man.’ There are others who will say, ‘Why isn’t Yancy telling black people to be honest about the violence in their own black neighborhoods?’ Or, ‘How can Yancy say that all white people are racists?’ If you are saying these things, then you’ve already failed to listen. I come with a gift. You’re already rejecting the gift that I have to offer.

“What I’m asking is that you first accept the racism within yourself, accept all of the truth about what it means for you to be white in a society that was created for you,” he lectured.

Oh, the hypocrisy

Now mind you, this is coming from a man at the pinnacle of his career – one that no doubt rewards him well and affords him a lifestyle that supposedly was never intended for him, since, you know, he’s not a white guy and, well, “the system” and all that.

And you probably noticed how dismissive he was of the issues and criticisms that he knew would be directed at him, how none of it matters because, you know, “the system.”

This kind of denial isn’t a problem for most white people – it’s a problem that most black academic liberals have and, indeed, a number of leaders of the black community. It’s how they can defend criminals and thugs like Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin and the Ferguson and Baltimore rioters, while ignoring the very real cultural problems within the black community that, ironically, were largely created by liberal domestic policies.

Then there is the hypocrisy. “I can be as racist as I want because a) I’m a person of color; and b) it’s about time the tables were turned on you, whitey.”

As Greer noted, most Americans aren’t buying the BS anymore.

While white liberals may go hogwild at being lectured on how racist they are, the rest of society will be repulsed by the idea. Contrary to Yancy’s wishes, the majority of Americans don’t want to live in a society where people are deemed racist solely due to their skin color.





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