Obama Actions Driving the World to the Brink of General War

Obama Actions Driving the World to the Brink of General War

April 8 2015

Just as Lyndon LaRouche warned in the Friday, April 3 webcast, President Obama is propitiating the Saudis and virtually inviting a major war eruption, beginning in the Persian Gulf. The Obama Administration is accelerating the delivery of weapons to Saudi Arabia, to sustain the bombing campaign against Yemen. American military advisors are working out of a “fusion center” in Riyadh, planning out the escalating Saudi intervention into what is, in reality, an internal dispute in Yemen. The Saudis claim they are fighting a surrogate war against Iran in Yemen, lying that the Houthis are simply Iranian proxies. This is a total hoax, but the Saudi hoax is aimed at triggering a big war.

LaRouche warned that, with the P5+1 deal with Iran moving forward, the Saudis must be pinned down, and ordered to stay out. Any toleration of Saudi meddling will lead to an unstoppable escalating war. By giving military backing and logistical and intelligence support to the ongoing Saudi operations, President Obama is doing precisely what LaRouche warned he would do. This is a recipe for global war.

What Obama should be forced to do, instead, is release the 28 pages from the original Joint Congressional Inquiry into 9/11. Let the world know what the Saudis and their British Royal partners are really all about. Without the Anglo-Saudi alliance, there would be no Al Qaeda, no Islamic State, virtually no terrorism. They executed the 9/11 attacks to aid Bush and Cheney in establishing dictatorship over the United States.

This shameful behavior by Obama, backing the Saudis militarily, and covering for the Saudis by keeping the lid on the 28 pages, is yet one more proof that he is unfit to be President, and never was fit in the first place. He is more or less as bad as all of the Bush family combined.

Obama’s biggest crime is his behavior against Russia, which has also brought the world to the brink of war—potentially a thermonuclear war. Through Victoria Nuland and others, Obama is waging warfare against Russia, and overtly backing neo-Nazis in Ukraine.

The targeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin is not just about Russia. It is about the growing Russia-China global partnership, a partnership that, along with India, represents the core of the BRICS movement for a new global paradigm. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi was in Moscow on Tuesday, April 7, to meet with both Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and President Putin, to prepare the May 8 visit of President Xi Jinping, to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the victory in World War II. Putin and Wang Yi noted that, in the past two years alone, Russia and China have signed 107 joint agreements, many involving major international infrastructure projects. President Putin made clear that Russia is intent on fully backing China’s New Silk Road initiative.

President Putin also met on Wednesday with Greek Prime Minister Tsipras, and made clear that Greece is a welcome partner in the BRICS initiatives. Greece will play a pivotal role in the Turkey Stream new gas pipeline into southern Europe.

Taking note of the positive advances in the Putin-Tsipras meeting, Lyndon LaRouche zeroed in on Germany, noting that it is crucial to see how Germany will react against Greece now. Germany has shamefully colluded with the British and others in pressing fraudulent claims against Greece. Many in the German financial community are well aware that the Troika and the EU, with major German complicity, perpetrated a swindle against Greece. The Greek population revolted against that swindle, and brought in the current government to free Greece from the swindle. LaRouche demanded that Germany drop the fraud, and actually launch a full investigation into how the swindle/looting of Greece was carried out. Just because there are debts on the books, LaRouche concluded, does not mean they are legitimate. In the Greek case, it was a total swindle.

In his regular weekly dialogue on Monday, April 6, with the LPAC Policy Committee, LaRouche set forth a standard for a viable presidency. He identified Martin O’Malley as the only candidate to surface so far, who shows qualification for the job. Clearly Obama was never qualified from the outset, and should have never been allowed into the White House, except on a tourist pass. What is urgently needed is a team of experienced and qualified people to establish a presidency, a presidency team that can actually address the pressing crises of the day.

Such a team can be assembled around O’Malley. It must be done, because without such an immediate effort, the United States is doomed. The western states water crisis alone, if not acted on now, will finish off the United States. Fail to solve the California water crisis, and there will be mass starvation in the United States, as the food supply collapses. Lunatics like Governor Jerry Brown are promoting water rationing and other “green” madness. Obama is even worse. He has ignored the California water crisis for his entire seven years in office, and he is now planning a White House summit on climate change and health—a complete fraud.

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