Obama Backing Both Sides' Extremists in Spreading Mideast War, Should be Impeached, Says LaRouche

Obama Backing Both Sides’ Extremists in Spreading Mideast War, Should be Impeached, Says LaRouche

July 22, 2014 • 5:17AM

Lyndon LaRouche said today that Barack Obama deserves immediate impeachment for a policy which is “spreading indefinite war across the planet, including the Mideast, which leads to thermonuclear war.” Obama is provably supporting the extremist factions on both sides of the slaughter taking place in Gaza, preventing cease-fire; LaRouche charged that “the evidence that Obama is backing both sides in a war process that can lead to thermonuclear extinction, means he should be impeached, now!”

In his July 21 Rose Garden statement Obama emphasized again that he is backing “Israel’s right to defend itself” against Hamas. In another statement July 18, Obama qualified that support only by saying he was urging the Israeli government to “be more precise” in its bombing of densely populated Palestinian neighborhoods in Gaza.

In fact, the group around “Bibi” Netanyahu which Obama is backing, is waging war against the potential of a Palestinian unified government joining West Bank and Gaza, Hamas and Mahmoud Abbas’ Palestinian Authority (P.A.). The Obama Administration has consistently opposed a Palestinian unity government, and opposed Palestinian UN representation — thus opposing Abbas, whose P.A. dominated the unity government which was formed. Bibi’s leadership faction has the same policy as Obama on this. When three Israeli teenagers were kidnapped and killed in early June, Netanyahu immediately announced, “Hamas did this,” and rounded up and arrested 600 active Palestinians in Gaza, killing seven in the process. These actions, as intended, led to mass protests, more killings, and then all-out war. No evidence that “Hamas did this” has been advanced or claimed; in fact, it was more likely done by Palestinian groups tied to al-Qaeda or ISIS. Netanyahu declared war against the Palestinian unity government’s existence, which both he and Obama want to end.

Obama simultaneously demanded Congress vote $500 million in military aide to “Syrian rebels.” As a number experts now attest, there are few Syrian rebels left who are not ISIS, “Islamic state” fighters, including many thousands of foreign terrorists, backed overall by Saudi and Qatari and Kuwaiti funds. Obama has backed the British-Saudi policy of fostering Sunni Islamism in Syria, in Egypt with the Muslim Brotherhood government, against Russia and Iran, and now with its “backfire” in Iraq.

The Sunni Islamist combination of Qatar, Turkey, and Hamas’ Qatar-based leadership killed the cease-fire proposal of Egypt’s el-Sisi government one week ago, since which the Gaza fighting has burst into all-out war. Obama’s close ally and “partner” Prime Minister Erdogan’s Turkish government publicly attacked Egypt’s proposal on July 16, and even Egypt’s right to be involved in attempting to stop the slaughter. On July 17, Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shukri told a press conference that the same cease-fire proposal accepted by all parties in 2012 when it was made by the Morsi Muslim Brotherhood government of Egypt — which Obama backed — had now been rejected by all of the same parties when General el-Sisi’s government advanced it. He spoke of a fracturing of the entire region into warring ethnic mini-states.

The extremists on both sides now vow to fight on indefinitely, with war now spreading into Lebanon from both south and north, and across Syria and Iraq.

“Obama’s policy of supporting indefinite war is criminal,” LaRouche said today. “Indefinite war leads to thermonuclear war. Obama should be thrown out of office for this.”

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