Obama support among U.S. Jews hits all-time low, survey shows

Despite 6% dip in approval ratings, new AJC poll still predicts incumbent U.S. President would win majority of Jewish votes in 2012 presidential elections.

By Natasha Mozgovaya

The support given to U.S. President Barack Obama has hit a new low, a poll by the American Jewish Committee indicated on Sunday, with the incumbent president, however, still leading among Jewish voters ahead of the 2012 presidential elections.

According to the AJC’s press release, the Obama’s current approval vote among Jewish voters – 45% – is the lowest since the U.S. president came into office, with 48% saying they disapproved of Obama’s policies.

It should be noted that this most recent figure represented a 6% drop from a similar survey last year, when Obama held a 51% approval rating among Jewish voters.

The survey was taken between September 6 –21, and in fact does not gauge the responsive of U.S. Jews to Obama’s speech at the UN last week, which was considered by many to be overwhelmingly supportive of Israel.

However, despite the dip in Obama’s approval ratings, the majority of Jewish voters, according to the survey, would still vote the incumbent president back into office in 2012.

In a potential head-to-head vote against potential Republican candidate Mitt Romney, Obama would garner 50% of the votes, with Romney collecting 32%. The margins would increase in a possible face-off with another Republican standout, Rick Perry, with Obama garnering 55% of Jewish votes, relegating Perry to just 25%

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