Obama the Queen’s Fool

Obama the Queen’s Fool

Oct 14th 2016

The Hamiltonian — Issue 9.pdf

By Jeffrey Steinberg and Michael Steger

October 12—President Barack Obama, on behalf of a dying British Monarchy, is engaged in a Nazi-inspired “Big Lie” campaign threatening nuclear war against Russia and China. With the French Hollande government in tow, Obama is now announcing military intervention into Syria, bringing Russia before the International Criminal Court in The Hague for war crimes in Aleppo, and declaring in London’s The Economist that he is personally responsible for the greatest economic recovery of all time, all to which Hitler could have only blushed.

This is merely a British-directed campaign of lies and threats driven by total fear and panic as their empire and Monarchy crumble. They have absolutely no capacity to deliver on their threats or to prove their lies when challenged. The British are literally going mad over the prospect of a total and final loss of power, as their trans-Atlantic financial system blows up and Obama faces possible war crimes tribunals.

Deutsche Bank represents one of many possible triggers for systemic blowout, and is literally twenty times larger than the Lehman whale which hit in 2008. It has now been openly admitted that the European Central Bank covered-up the bankruptcy of Deutsche Bank when it conducted the so-called stress tests late last year. Non-existent assets, derived from sales that never happened, were booked as capital reserves by Deutsche Bank to hide the fact that they are doomed, unless the 46 trillion euros in derivatives on their books are cancelled, and they return to traditional German retail banking. HSBC, the flagship of the City of London’s offshore dope empire, put out an emergency warning on Wednesday of an imminent blowout of the trans-Atlantic stock market bubble. Wells Fargo in the United States is quickly going under—their CEO Stumpf ran into retirement earlier today—as are 10 to 15 of the largest banks in the trans-Atlantic world as this system unravels in the weeks ahead.

Regarding nuclear war bluster, former NATO Secretary General Rasmussen called on European states to begin a massive arms buildup to confront Russian threats, an empty fraud which can only be inspired by in-the-bunker-like madness. The European states are literally bankrupt, are incapable of traditional military buildups, and there is already a growing backlash in Germany and elsewhere over the suggestion of new sanctions against Russia.

In Syria, the U.S., Britain, France and the Gulf States have spent billions of dollars building a hardcore Islamic State and Al Qaeda terrorist apparatus to overthrow the Assad government as a stepping stone to general war throughout Eurasia. Within little less than a year, Vladimir Putin has stepped in and ruined their entire scheme. Now, the Syrian Army, with Russian support, is on the verge of crushing the terrorist networks in Aleppo, while the French, the British and the Obama Administration accuse Putin and Russia of war crimes in Syria, all while engaging in outright genocide against humanity in Yemen.

So, to cover up their own guilt in decades of genocidal depopulation antics, such as forced sterilizations and imposed famines; scientific frauds such the ozone layer, global warming, and human overpopulation; British slave-based economic policies such as “relative technologies”; and IMF criminal debt-slavery and financial control over entire nations, the lackeys of the British Empire are now in a panic and actual terror over the looming crash of their entire system. Thus, the British are carrying out a vicious campaign to frighten and demoralize the American people—the very people who rescued the world from British-sponsored fascism under the leadership of President Franklin Roosevelt—principally by turning the U.S. Presidential elections into a pornographic nightmare via controlled media.

There are real issues, as well, that are causing panic and despair among the American people. First and foremost is the collapse of the physical economy, including the U.S. healthcare system—a collapse anticipated from the outset by Lyndon LaRouche in March of 2009 when he compared Obamacare to the Nazi eugenics program Tiergarten 4. The collapse of jobs, the rise of drug addiction and suicide, combined with the destruction of healthcare services leaves a vast majority of Americans facing an impossible situation of 50 percent boosts in annual healthcare premiums and a dramatic cut in available services, all while standards of living collapse. Even former President Bill Clinton recently told a rally in Michigan that Obamacare is a disaster: “You’ve got this crazy system where all of a sudden 25 million more people have health care, and then the people who are out there busting it, sometimes 60 hours a week, wind up with their premiums doubled and their coverage cut in half and it’s the craziest thing in the world.”

The American people have every right to be angry, but not to be intimidated or bullied by a pack of liars, among whom President Obama reigns. The American people need to hear the truth: that the entire British-Saudi system, which owns President Obama, is finished along with their bankrupt financial empire.

It is now time to escalate the fighting spirit which led to the victory in the JASTA fight against the 9-11 British-Saudi Coup—a fight which delivered a devastating blow to the heart of the Anglo-Saudi Empire of terrorism, drugs, and destruction, and which revived Hamilton’s Spirit within the Halls of Congress. The American people should laugh at this fool called Obama, mock his British-bluster of lies, and end this Nazi-like charade of general warfare. It is time to bring down this fraudulent system, so we can get on with the serious business of building a world of infinite opportunities at the very demise of the British Empire.

And the solutions are readily available, starting with the reinstatement of Glass-Steagall and the immediate launching of a Hamiltonian recovery spelled out in Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton’s Reports to the U.S. Congress on manufacturing, credit and the national bank. These principles have been revived in Lyndon LaRouche’s Four Cardinal Laws, and they are ready to be implemented now.

Nations like Russia, China, and India are already moving in this direction. It is now time for the United States to get on with the true future of mankind’s ultimate development.

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