Obama’s Opium War Against the United States Escalates

Obama’s Opium War Against the United States Escalates

March 15, 2014 • 12:48PM

While “cannabis professionals,” lobbyists for the “National Cannabis Industry [sic] Association” paraded freely through the halls and offices of the U.S. Capitol this week, demanding changes to the tax codes to remove pesky regulations which prohibit companies involved in drug-trafficking from deducting “normal” business expenses from their tax payments, the head of the U.S. Southern Command, Marine Gen. John Kelly, was delivering to U.S. Senate hearings the same message he delivered to the House the week before: for lack of the required resources, “tons more cocaine, heroin and other drugs are crossing the border into the United States each year.”

Kelly told the Senate Armed Services Committee Thursday that because his command has only one Navy ship and two Coast Guard cutters assigned to counter narcotics smuggling, and he has 5% of the intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance equipment needed, 74% of suspected maritime drug smuggling from Mexico, Central and South America gets through. For lack of equipment, “I simply sit and watch it go by.”

That’s tons of mind-killing narcotics, the fuel for the drug mob’s paramilitary gangs in U.S. cities and towns, that he’s talking about. Kelly told the House in Feb. 25 hearings, that in 2013 Southcom had intercepted 40 tons less of cocaine, heroin and other drugs, than it did in 2011, Military Times reported (2/26/2014).

Britain’s Opium War against the Americas has gone off the charts, since Obama and his Pot-Holder opened the doors to full-scale legalization of drug consumption and drug money-laundering in the United States. Kelly told the Senators that Ibero-American leaders are

“in disbelief when they hear us talking about things like legalization, particularly when we still encourage them to stay shoulder to shoulder with us in the drug fight in their part of the world…. ‘Hypocrite’ sometimes works its way into the conversation.”

“Keeping faith with those countries, which are on the front lines of a war, requires the U.S. to show it is absolutely committed to the fight against the illegal drug trade,” he told the House hearing the week before. “The fact that they see us turning away on the drug fight makes them wonder why they shouldn’t just step back and watch it flow.”

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