Oil, Gas Companies Ignoring Oklahoma Fracking Controls – Greenpeace USA

Oil, Gas Companies Ignoring Oklahoma Fracking Controls – Greenpeace USA © Flickr/ Daniel Foster

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Oil and gas companies operating in the US state of Oklahoma will not follow regulations put in place to help ease environmental damages from fracking, Greenpeace USA Researcher Jesse Coleman told Sputnik Tuesday.

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — On Monday, the Oklahoma Corporation Commission announced it would regulate five wastewater injection wells by limiting the amount of wastewater injected during the fracking process.

Oklahoma has recently been hit with numerous earthquakes, many of which have been attributed to the fracking practice’s injection of wastewater into the ground. The method has been heavily criticized for the associated environmental risks in addition to its potential to trigger tremors.

Coleman noted that some oil and gas companies have already broken their promise to make the required wastewater reductions. She explained there is no link between reducing wastewater and stopping damaging earthquakes.

“It is now time for Governor Mary Fallin and the state of Oklahoma to choose protecting Oklahomans over protecting industry profits,” Coleman asserted.

On Tuesday, Oklahoma advocacy group Stop Fracking Oklahoma founder Kelley McDonald told Sputnik that the oil and gas companies will only follow the fracking mandates if they are forced to by possible penalties and criminal prosecution.

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