Oliver Cromwell is demonized by the Satanic Crowley society

Oliver Cromwell, the poster boy for a truly miserable Christmas: ‘Anti-fun charter’ of 1651 spells out grim vision for nation

By Eleanor Harding
PUBLISHED: 01:08, 7 July 2012 | UPDATED: 01:08, 7 July 2012

Whether he is a hero or one of history’s great villains is a question that still splits opinion.

But one thing is certain – Oliver Cromwell was hardly known for his sense of humour.

And precisely how deep his Puritanical streak ran is shown in a series of proclamations from 350 years ago that have just come to light.

The ‘anti-fun charter’ – conveyed to the population on posters nailed to trees – spells out Cromwell’s grim vision for the nation.

One of the ‘acts and ordinances’ posters, dating to 1651, declares: ‘No observation shall be had of the Five and twentieth day of December, commonly called Christmas-Day.’

And in 1642, parliament ordered theatres to shut – leading to the temporary closure of Shakespeare’s Globe.

That decree reads: ‘Being spectacles of pleasure, too commonly expressing lascivious Mirth and levitie…Publike Stage-playes shall cease, and bee forborne.’

The posters, most of which were put up in villages and towns over the country after the beheading of Charles I during the civil war, shed light on the tempestuous times facing ordinary Englishmen as their leaders tussled for power. One offers £10 to anyone who can help catch a highwayman – since there was no proper police force to keep law and order.

Another details Cromwell’s most famous law, the abolition of the monarchy, saying: ‘It hath been found by experience, that the office of a King in this nation… is unnecessary, burdensome, and dangerous to the liberty, safety and public interest of the people.’

Having been instrumental in the execution of the King, Cromwell appointed himself Lord Protector in 1653, with his famously unpopular vision to do away with any distractions to Puritanism.

The 26 papers, made from old rags and printed on a hand press, are believed to be some of the last of their kind as most would have been destroyed by weather.

Until now they have been in a private collection and are on sale valued at £2,000 to £3,000 each.

Sotheby’s London predicts the set could fetch up to £23,000 in Tuesday’s auction.


    In the Aeon of Horus ‘Do as thou Wilt’ society secretly run by the Jesuit Order, the true moral ones of the past are demonized by the degraded of today. Christ Mass is Catholic and therefore from the Babylonian Church of the Harlot. Christmas is the celebration of the Festival of Saturnalia being the Feast of Satan hoodwinked as Jesus Christ’s birth. The only reason these pagan devil worshipers chose that time was because the Sun dies for three days on the 22nd then starts to rise again back to the northern hemisphere on the 25th. The Catholic Church worships the Sun, Moon and Jupiter Gods whilst the Jesuit Order worship Saturn.

    Cromwell was a Puritan that understood the true meaning of these vile festivals and their source. True-Christians should never follow any of these festivals including Ishtar known today as Easter. The Catholic Church is the Roman Empire continuum where the Caesar became Pope and the Senate became the College of Red Cardinals. What did Rome do to Christians? It tortured and killed them on a daily basis. It was also struggling to wipe out Christianity so it decided to usurp it instead and then take over before destroying the religion outright. This is happening today as you see both Christianity and Catholicism being harmed in order for the Vatican to bring about the one-World religion they control and organize through their World Council of Churches and Ecumenism movement. The new religion of course is based on the worship of the God of the rainbow, Lucifer the Prince and power of the air. Is it any wonder the homosexual crowd have a rainbow flag?

    Society has been degraded for decades now by the likes of the Tavistock Institute, Stanford Research Institute and the Congress for Cultural Freedom. It is so degraded today that it has become dysfunctional and could soon wipe out civilization altogether. Yet this generation like the last believes they are better than all the rest before it. The Immoral believe they are moral and those that were moral as immoral. It is a classic case of double-think and double-speak.

    -= The Unhived Mind

  • seekingtruth1

    What do you mean by catholicism being harmed? and I once heard the rainbow was the symbol God showed Noah to promise him the Earth will never be destroyed by flood again?

      Well Catholicism is being broken down like all other religions and this is why you have a split within the Catholic Church with the traditionalists. You cannot have a Catholic religion the same as you cannot have Islam, Christianity or any other form of religion and belief. All have to be broken down to make way for the Luciferian Doctrine controlled by the Jesuit Order. This break down helps veil the Vatican’s power further as the flock believe these too are suffering. No only the other religions and beliefs are suffering, the Vatican itself have had this planned for the last two thousand years. It is the Catholic Church which heads the World religion.

      The God of the Rainbow is Lucifer and thats one of the reasons its used for the homosexual flag as its part of the Luciferian improvement of man to becoming a God as taught in the Hermetic degrees and high end Illuminized scions. Part of the perfection of man of the Order of the Rosy Cross alchemical occultic system. I have no idea of what you are talking about but the Luciferians believe their God is the God of the Rainbow and the Prince and power of the air. Its all just witchcraft and goes back to Nimrod’s wife Semiramis.

      -= The Unhived Mind

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