One Step More, and We Lose Our Humanity

‘One Step More, and We Lose Our Humanity’

The warning, “One step more, and we lose our humanity,” was a powerful focus in the presentation by Helga Zepp-LaRouche Jan. 26, at the National Press Club forum in Washington, D.C., hosted by EIR, titled, “Only a Scientific and Cultural Renaissance Can Stop the Dark Age Now Descending Upon Humanity.” Her speech was preceded by that of Thomas Wysmuller, a former meteorologist at NASA, and a leading spokesman for, “The Right Climate Stuff”—a group of former NASA scientists, centered in Houston at the Johnson Space Center, who are speaking out against the fraud of man-driven climate change.

Zepp-LaRouche gave a moving picture of the crisis of refugees in Europe, including not only the conditions of suffering and death, but the crisis of the depraved responses by many of the so-called EU leaders. This is the same immoral outlook perpetrating, or going along with, actions now furthering economic collapse, and bringing us ever closer to nuclear war. Zepp-LaRouche made this crystal clear.

However, she said, we can act. We do not merely have to describe and decry, “what is….” We can address what we can do. She called on everyone to “take the approach of the future.” Zepp-LaRouche presented in beautiful detail, a development program for the whole Southwest Asia/North Africa region—a Silk Road Marshall Plan for the “Middle East.”

Contrast this with some of the deadly events of the day. For example, the 50+ years-long British Royalist green campaign for depopulation has reached the stage in the United States, where the entire coal sector is being shut down. The latest push comes from California, where Jerry Brown’s government announced on Jan. 25, that insurance companies doing business in the state, must divest of any holdings in coal companies. With no financing and plunging revenue, coal companies are going bankrupt; mines are shutting down in the Appalachians, and thousands of miners are thrown out of work.

Lyndon LaRouche commented, that this is the “British” plan. They are killing off the ability for production.

But—answering Zepp-LaRouche’s call—”we can commit to find our humanity.” This begins with activating to set aside Obama, and make way for the emergency measures to assure the future.

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