#OpIcarus Advances as Banks Brace for More Exploits by Anonymous

#OpIcarus Advances as Banks Brace for More Exploits by Anonymous © Photo: Pixabay

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The notorious Anonymous hacker group is continuing its 30-day #OpIcarus effort, this time having the audacity to take on the corrupt global financial architecture, the group predicts attacks on the Bank of England and the New York Stock Exchange.

On Tuesday, the Bank of Greece underwent a DDoS attack, during which it was unresponsive for several hours. Anonymous took credit for the incident in a statement.

The #OpIcarus aims at powers that, like the ancient mythological Greek hero, “have flown too close to the sun,” and it has begun exposing their overreaching criminal behavior, the group statement says.

“We must strike at the heart of their empire by once again throwing a wrench into the machine, but this time we face a much bigger target – the global financial system. This time our target is the Global Banking Cartel.”

According to various social media reports, the Central Bank of Cyprus went offline for a couple of hours on May 5. The attack was conducted by an Anonymous-affiliated group, DragonSec, claiming to be part of the campaign to attack “banking sites around the globe.”

​​​A list of expected attacks includes over 160 financial institutions, including the US Federal Reserve Bank, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the New York Stock Exchange, and the Bank of England.

Anonymous is considered a decentralized group of hackers from around the globe seeking justice for all. Emerging into the spotlight in the 2000s out of the notorious 4chan website as a spontaneous movement of users, they adopted the group name “Anonymous,” after the names used by the majority of posters on the popular imageboard. Anonymous later claimed credit for mass pranks and website raids, including mainstream forums and social networks, as well as government and corporate websites.

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