Our industries are being sold to foreign suitors who don’t have our best interests in mind: Are you ready for the unrest that is coming?

Our industries are being sold to foreign suitors who don’t have our best interests in mind: Are you ready for the unrest that is coming?

March 23rd, 2016, by Jon E. Dougherty

(Bugout.news) In case you haven’t noticed lately, U.S.-based corporations are being auctioned off to foreign buyers at an increasingly alarming rate, giving rise to conspiracy theories that maybe these corporate titans know something most of the rest of us don’t about what may be coming, economically.

USA Today reported over the weekend that the largest U.S. oil refinery now belongs to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the very country that is working to undermine U.S. fracking technology that has brought the world an oil glut and consumer-friendly prices at the gas pump. So now, with this development, the Saudis have even greater control over American energy production and assets that will no doubt allow the kingdom to once again control the oil and gasoline markets to their advantage, but at our disadvantage – and with the blessing of our own government, no less.

Meanwhile, the Chinese government is snatching up everything from hotel and theater chains to GE’s appliance business and other manufacturing. This effectively gives China greater influence over our economy in general, as Beijing (remember, there are no truly independent companies in communist China) pulls the levels of control over sectors of business it wants to manipulate in its favor. So much for American “independence.”

“America can no longer claim to be an independent nation when our manufacturing base is under foreign ownership or foreign control. After all, ownership equals control, and control equals sovereignty. We lose our sovereignty as a nation when foreign companies buy our land, factories, and companies,” writes Roger Simmermaker, author of “How Americans Can Buy American: The Power of Consumer Patriotism,” at WorldNetDaily.com.

And while China operates these businesses within our borders and does employ American workers, the profits, for the most part, leave the country – hence the less sovereignty angle.

It’s no surprise that American manufacturing has been leaving the country for decades, thanks in large part to globalist “trade” deals like NAFTA and, soon probably, TPP. The only thing Americans receive in “trade” is cheap consumer goods that aren’t worth the money they cost. This one-sided trade does not include employment for American workers; opportunity for American citizens; a chance at a better life for Americans. Why aren’t these things ever a consideration when our “leaders” are negotiating these deals? Why are they really only “deals” for competitor nations?

The thing is, all of this loss of opportunity for U.S. workers is coming at a time when jobs – all jobs – are disappearing, thanks to the Age of Robotics.

We’ve discussed the rising potential for widespread unrest due to job losses and diminishing opportunities, but it seems as though the power elite don’t really give much thought to the issue. They appear content to continue feathering their own nests while arrogantly dismissing the unwashed masses whom they believe, obviously, are no longer a necessary asset. When the masses have become too bothersome, even, to exploit, well, that just all but ensures that societal chaos is coming soon to a city and town near you.

There isn’t much anyone can do to halt or even slow the ongoing sale of U.S. opportunity to the highest foreign bidder, so the next best thing we can do, other than preparing for the coming chaos, is to re-train ourselves in a skill that makes us invaluable no matter what the situation.

It’s not clear who will be our next president, but it’s likely to either be a consummate political insider who has little to show for her decades of public service except a well-funded “foundation,” or a relative outsider who has used the political system to his advantage when he has needed it to forward his business interests, but who at least has managed to re-inspire politically disconnected voters. Both will have a difficult time re-inventing the America that won two world wars and created the greatest economy in the history of the world, while becoming one of the world’s foremost innovators.

Either way, it’s time to get yourself in a position where whomever the victor is and whatever policies he or she will pursue won’t really matter much to you, because you have prepared for any eventuality. That means more than just food storage, though that is important, or keeping a bugout bag ready to go.

It means getting into spiritual, mental and physical shape. It means coming to terms with the fact that you may have to do some things to other people that you won’t like. It means accepting that the unacceptable today may soon become the norm. It means accepting that no one outside your inner circle cares much about what happens to you and your family, and that includes, sadly, most of our political and business leaders.

Let’s face it, nobody wants to imagine a world, a society, like that, but it is patently obvious that’s what is coming if things remain on their current trajectory and there is no course correction. Our political, economic and social systems are all failing at once, and worse, no one who has the power to stop the decline seems interested in doing so. They all seem more interested in grabbing what they can, while they can, and at everyone else’s expense.

So we are left with some hard truths about what is on the horizon, and what we’ll need to do in order to prepare for it. In the meantime, live your life – work, shop, play – but don’t lose sight of the objective, which is preparedness for the time when only your wits and your will are going to keep you safe.

That time is approaching. Quickly.

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